a little something about me

What’s there to say?

I am a giant goofball who likes to laugh – often at my own expense – and I enjoy singling out the ridiculous moments in my every day life (of which, there are many).

Luckily I have my husband, Wilzie. He makes me laugh, cooks me dinner and keeps me sane. What else could I need?

I love to travel and do so as often as I can. I love to eat, and often choose my travel destinations based on their edible offerings.  Oh yeah – and I like to drink.  Like, really a lot.  But I mostly try to limit it to when I’m on holidays…which brings me back to why I love to travel.

And I love the colour green.

I dislike socks with sandals, douchbags…and long walks on the beach.

I love the word smarmy, but not the personality trait.

Oh, and I’m Canadian, so if you notice random “u”s in words, or that I toss out an ironic “eh” every now and then, that’s why.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you stay awhile and enjoy my follies.

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  1. Too funny my friend! Too funny! Like the fact that you come from “our home and native land” just went back up to visit a few weeks ago…. wishing I was back……

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