let’s try this again

Remember back in August when, after a year of work* I finished knitting Wilzie a blanket and it looked like this:

It ended up being my (unintentional) experiment in an afghan/fitted sheet hybrid.

So the final final product looked like this:

I thought it would have been hard to dismantle a year’s worth of work, but I really enjoyed unravelling that bitch.

After that laughable attempt at an afghan, I took a long look at why it took me so long to finish (and so quick to destroy), and why it was so hard for me to will myself to keep at it.

After some intense introspection, I decided that my problem was that I would get daunted because it took so long to see any quantifiable results.  It would take me between 45 minutes and one hour to knit one row.


So, in an evening, I would get through 3, maybe 4 rows if I worked on it non-stop.  And then I would look at my non-progress, feel discouraged and not pick it up again for another couple of weeks.

The trick was to find a pattern where I could see measurable results and not feel like I was wasting my time.

I had promised my husband a blanket** and I was going to make him a damn blanket if it was that last I did!

I searched YouTube and found this:

I figured Wilzie wouldn’t care for Oodles of Poodles, but I thought the individual squares were a great idea so, with a plan in place, I started afghan 2.0.

And it was great!  I was getting one square done per night.  I figured that I would need 28-45 squares, and then I just needed to crochet it all together.  I was confident Wilzie would have blanket in less than 2 months!

It didn’t quite happen that way, and now, 4 months later, we are in the midst of our first big blizzard of the winter and Wilzie needs a blanket to keep him warm when we are watching TV.

So it’s a good thing I finished 2.0 THREE DAYS AGO!

And I’m actually pretty happy with it.  Sure, there are some mistakes but Wilzie said that’s how you know it was handmade with Love.

So after 8 years of waiting and 2 full blankets,*** Wilzie finally curled up under 2.0 to watch Revenge with me,  and as he settled in he started to fidget a bit.  Then he fidgeted some more.  Finally he said, “You know, it could maybe be a bit wider… and probably a bit longer…maybe one more row each…”

And after 8 years of promising, almost 2 years of knitting until my fingers bled and 2 full blankets***, I just looked at him and said “Its wool.  It stretches.  Deal with it.”

*and 8 years of promises

**did I mention that was 8 years ago

***OK, actually 1 and a half blankets and 1/2 a fitted sheet


My Cameo Burger goes on sale today at The Next Act Pub!

Its called The Notebook because, like the movie, my Cameo is cheesy, a little nutty, sappy-sweet and, if you give it chance, you will fall in love.

Its chicken on a ciabatta bun, topped with goat cheese and pecans and drizzled with rosemary honey.

Yum, right?  I bet, right now, you are drooling like I do when I look at Ryan Gosling.

But its only available for the next week, so make sure you head down to The Next Act and ask for The Notebook!