pomp, pageantry, pj’s and popcorn

I love awards shows.

I claim the couch and the TV for the Oscars and the Emmys – Phil makes me supper during the red carpet, popcorn during the show, and makes sure my wine glass never gets lower than half full.  Maverick curls up on my lap and I don’t move for the entire night.

But my favourite awards show is the Golden Globes.

Its got movies, TV, alcohol and Ricky Gervais making fun of the whole lot.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

I was even invited over to a friend’s house Sunday night for a home-cooked dinner and I said ‘no’ because the farthest I venture from my TV on Golden Globe night is the bathroom.

And last night was no exception.*

Here are my thoughts:

~ 10 years ago when Phil would force me to watch wrestling with him, if you would have told me that Stacy Keibler would be dating George Clooney, I would have told you to put down your crack pipe and give your head a shake

i wonder if he likes her to pin him…

~ I was disappointed that after all the hype over who Ricky Gervais would skewer in his opening monologue, the answer turned out to be…nobody

~ Phil spent so much time rewinding, pausing and slomo-ing to to see if this dress was actually see through that I was able to fast forward through 2 sets of commercials

i can’t really tell…is there a…nipple?

~ I have never seen “Boss” but I don’t know if I can live in a world where Frasier wins an award over Bryan Cranston and Damian Lewis

~ I am not a fan of Ringer, but it is so good to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in popular culture again


~ Madonna annoys me.

~ “My name is Seth Rogan, and I am currently trying to hide a massive erection.”  Biggest real laugh of the night.

~ Mostly unrelated story – In a recent interview, Michelle Williams was asked about her short hair and she said that the man that she loved preferred her hair short, and that she will always wear it that way to honour his memory.

~ Tight race, but George Clooney looks more distinguished with a cane than Brad Pitt

~ Have I mentioned that Madonna annoys me?

“i am so much better than you…and you…and you over there too”

~ Felicity Huffman, representin’ for the older broads – smokin’ hot!  Jessica Lange, not so much.

~ Claire Danes, I have loved you since I was 15, and I love you still.

i do miss the red hair, though

~ If anyone was weirded out that Matt LeBlanc won, then they haven’t seen Episodes.  Great show, he’s a total douchebag…in a great way.

~ Phil during Sidney Poitier’s introduction of Morgan Freeman: “Can we fast forward this?” ME: “No, we’re watching this live.”  PHIL: “I was just hoping that if we fast forwarded it, he would sound like he was talking at normal speed…”

~ I am concerned for Kate Beckinsale.  The cameraman seems to have developed an unhealthy obsession with her.

can’t really blame the guy, though.  She is super hot!

~ Mark Wahlberg was doing his best “James-Franco-hosting-the-Oscars” impression

~ *Sigh* Colin Firth is just so…*sigh*.

why yes, i did take this picture myself – that’s why he is smiling so adoringly

~ After Meryl Streep’s glasses were passed, from person to person, all the way up to the front of the room, the guy at the front didn’t even give them to her.

~ I think George Clooney is really a wonderful man – handsome, charming and witty.  And now I really want to see Michael Fassbender in Shame…no reason.

All in all, it wasn’t a great show – no great moments, no really spectacular looks, or funny/heartwarming speeches, and Ricky Gervais was neutered – but I still sat transfixed for 5 hours.  And will do so again in a couple of the months for the Oscars.

I am a sucker for punishment.

Though, by the looks of it, I enjoyed it WAY more than this guy…

seriously, dude, would it kill you to crack a smile?

*though there was a small damper on my mood by the complete and utter lack of love for Breaking Bad**

**but the love for Homeland almost made up for it***


you’re always on my mind, in my heart, in my soul…in award form!

I was honored when Beth over at In My World named me as one of the bloggers that inspire her, even if I wasn’t entirely sure why…

In my past, I have inspired people to sigh in exasperation.

I have motivated people to drum their fingers and look around the room in an awkward pause.

I have even prompted people to fall asleep mid-conversation.

So, as honored as I was by Beth’s claim, I feel need to point out what a truly inspirational blogger looks like*…

Is it wrong that I want to start singing the Best of “Chicago”

Shana @ Fumbling Towards Normalcy inspires me to embrace my true, annoyed self.

Rebekah @ Cupcake Caramel inspires me to live la vie en francais.

Jayme @ Random Blogette inspires me to try new things and to love me for who I am.

JM @ Making Stuff is Fun inspires to make neat stuff.

Hutch @ Be Awesome Instead inspires me to, duh, be totally awesome.

Amy Lynne @ PBJ Dreamer inspires me to be grateful for the little things even when life is kicking me in the teeth.

Aesthetic Alterations inspires me to be stylish.

And last, but certainly not least:

Ally @ 400 Wake-ups inspires me to be strong.

*This list does not include Adrienne or Bliss – though I do find them both wonderful and they each inspire me to smile – because Beth mentioned them both already.  And it also doesn’t include Beth herself whose honesty and faith inspires me every day.

Thanks Beth, for including me in your list.  And to those bloggers that I mentioned above, feel free to pass this on to others that inspire you…or not.

Just know that you all inspire me to be better in some way.

flashback friday: doubly blessed & a tale of firsts

Sometimes, I don’t know how I get so lucky…today is one of those times.  There I was, minding my own business, complaining about caulking and Lent and massages, and visiting the blogs that quiet my complaints when I saw these:

Adrienne at Rich Life (on a Budget) passed along some Blog Love.

And Val from Living Out of the Box thinks I’m super Stylish (ok, I maybe added the “super” part).

Thank you so much for the bling, Ladies.  It takes quality to recognize quality…so I’m not sure why you bestowed these on me.

These lovely awards come with a few rules:  Thanks and link back to the kind bloggers that gave them to me – done and done – and share 7 tidbits about yourself.  Since this falls on a Flashback Friday, I will tell you about 7 of my “firsts”.

  1. Since awards are the topic de jour, my very first award* was in my senior year of high school.  I won the prestigious Excellence in Dramatic Arts Award.  I was the first ever non-actor to win (I was a Director…I like to be in charge), and I was the first girl to ever win. I was very popular and respected in high school (among the drama geeks, anyway).  *This does not take into account my many Participation Ribbons in elementary school.
  2. My first job was a Birthday Hostess at Bullwinkle’s.  Bullwinkle’s was a Chuck E Cheese-like themed children’s restaurant – complete with games room, tokens, prizes, and a giant, robotic stage show starring Bullwinkle, Rocky and the gang.  I loathed it.  I had to dress like a Mountie (hat included) and usher gaggles of screaming, rowdy kids around, giving them tokens even when they didn’t win at Skee-ball, make them a Birthday Button, and serve them copious amounts of pizza.  The high point of this job was when they didn’t finish all the pizza.  Yes, it would quickly get whisked away to the staff room where we would scarf down cold, congealed, sneezed-on-by-snotty-brats leftovers.
  3. My first (official) boyfriend was when I was 15, his name was Jason and he was the very first boy I ever kissed in a horizontal position.  He was older than me, 18, and could buy beer which made him a very good catch.  Another girl convinced me that he was only dating me to “crack a virgin” so I broke up with him.  In a suspicious move, that girl started dating him the very next week.
  4. My first grown-up holiday on my own was a Mexican cruise (on my own = all by myself).  I was lucky that my randomly-selected-by-the-cruise-company roommate was very outgoing and took me under her wing, or that would have also been my worst holiday ever.  What was I thinking?
  5. My first “bad boy” was exactly that.  He came from a (petty) crime family and was well on his way to becoming a hard-core alcoholic.  His younger brother stole my Aunt’s credit card, and my beloved used it to buy liquor.  He went to jail where I visited him, faithfully, every 2 days; each visit a prison guard would ask me what I was doing there and tell me I could do better.  That bad boy also gave me trashy lingerie for my birthday…in front of my parents.
  6. I have not seem my natural hair colour since I was 17, and for my first dye-job I was determined that I didn’t want to put chemicals in my hair, so I got red Henna.  The clerk told me that to make it extra copper-y, I just needed to add pennies to the mixture before application.  My best friend and I piled the goo on our heads and waited the allotted time (+20 just to be sure it took) before rinsing.  What we got was the brightest orange, clown hair I have ever seen.  The same helpful clerk told us that rinsing our hair with olive oil will pull some of the colour out, so we called a male-friend of ours to pick up 2 big bottles and bring it over.  I’m not sure what he was expecting, but he raced over, oil in hand and a grin on his face.  It didn’t work, but we used our fake id’s and went to the bar that night anyway.  After a few vodka paralyzers, it didn’t seem so bad.
  7. I broke my first bone when I was walking home from bar, late one winter’s night.  I had been staggering walking for about half an hour in sub-zero temperatures at about 2:30am when I slipped on a patch of ice (I swear, I slipped on the ice!).  The thought of calling home and waking my Mother at 2:30 am on a work night had me in such a terror that I walked the remaining 6 blocks home on a broken ankle.  Thankfully I was pretty much numb…from the ice and cold, not the long island iced teas.

The last (and most important rule is to pass the award on to 7 other deserving bloggers.  These are 6 new bloggers that I have been lucky enough to find, and one all-time favourite:

Cupcake Caramel – the brilliant blogger behind the Planned Purchase Database.

PBJ Dreamer – a positively hilarious blogger.  that is all.

Sugar Bowl Mix – a sweet blogger from LA

Stepping my Way to Bliss – rekindling good manners in our modern-day world.

Aesthetic Alterations – style personified.

A Curious Girl’s Guide to Life – easily the best header picture I have ever seen.


Fumbling Towards Normalcy – the NY version of me (only wittier).

Check these ladies out – go on, I’ll wait.  You’ll thank me.

my cup runneth over (I’m not talkin’ about my C-cups, you Pervs!)

Sara Louise,  from Sara in Le Petit Village has dubbed me a Versatile Blogger. Sara is in an American transplant in France with a handsome (French) husband, and an adorable (French) dog.  And she drinks wine!  So right there…my kind of girl!

I can say with all honesty that it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have been feeling blogged out lately.  I am finding it difficult to find things to write about, and I have been feeling like what I do write isn’t really very readable.  Its been a challenge, but thanks to some advice from 2 wonderful women, Shana & Sara Louise, I am feeling better…and now…AWARD!

I love getting awards!

So imagine my shock and joy when I clicked over to Kallaydoscope, and saw that Kallay has ALSO passed an award on to me, declaring me a Stylish Blogger! Kallay is hugely pregnant (Is it OK to say that?  I’m not up on preg-iquette…she’s not huge…just, like, REALLY pregnant) and enjoys showing her artistic side by painting her belly.

Thank you both.  It means a lot…really.  A lot.

The rules for these two awards are pretty much the same: thank and link back to the bloggers who gave the award, share an arbitrary number* of tidbits about me, and pass the awards on to other, deserving, bloggers.

*I say arbitrary, because it is really dependant on how many things I can think of that I haven’t already shared with you

  1. My favourite book growing up was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I have never seen the original movie starring Gene Wilder.
  2. I grew up in a predominately french town and attended french immersion school from K-5.  Now at 36, all I can remember is “ferme la porte, s’il vous plait”.  I’m sure that will come in handy when Wilzie and I finally get around to traipsing through France.  Oh!  I also know “croissant” and “cafe au lait”…I figure anything else would just be superfluous.
  3. I am tone-deaf (That sounds so much better than saying I really cannot sing…at all).
  4. My sister and I went to a musical dinner theatre for my 20th birthday; we made up fake names, and spent the entire night speaking with horrific English accents.  This decision was made before we even started drinking.  I even continued the act when I got called up on stage, despite the fact that someone from my high school was in the audience.
  5. I used to fall asleep at the Dentist
  6. I have a touch of the OCD – everything needs be placed just so (preferably perfectly parallel or exactly perpendicular), and when I eat, I also cut my meal at right angles; always turning the plate, not the food to make the cut.  And I don’t like my food to touch.  But I love casseroles where everything is mixed together.  I may or may not have issues.
  7. If I could choose my own name, it would be Sally.  Or Molly.  Or Emily.  Wilzie says I look like a Samantha.
  8. I enjoy listening to sounds to figure out what is making the noise.  I love laying in bed, when Wilzie gets up to make breakfast, so I can listen to the noises he makes in the kitchen and try to follow his cooking process.
  9. I love making lists and charts and spreadsheets.  Chalk it up to my OCD, but I also like everything colour-coded… with individual fonts.
  10. Along with birds, I am also terrified of bees.  Yes, I am one of those girls that takes off running, swinging my arms wildly and screaming if one flies near me.  I sometimes think that my fear of the birds and the bees is actually a subconscious manifestation of my aversion to having kids…but then I remember it’s just because birds and bees each have pointy things that they can poke me with…hmm…wait a minute, I could be on to something!

Now, per the rules, I should be passing each of these awards onto 15 other bloggers (favourites & newly found), but that makes it feel like just anybody could get one.  In order to make these awards feel more exclusive* I will only be doling out 5 each.

*Exclusivity aside, if I get an award then, really, everybody I read deserves to get one but, truthfully, I am far too lazy and that sounds like a lot of work

My 5 Versatile Bloggers (faves):

My 5 Stylish Bloggers (newly found):

Have a great weekend!

my impromptu thoughts during the Emmy’s

Glee vignette at the beginning = awesome!  I love Jon Hamm and Tina Fey, hate Kate Gosselin and miss Hurley.

I also miss Conan.

I’m a little sad that Chris Colfer didn’t win best supporting actor in a comedy, but I really would have been happy with any of the guys from Modern Family winning.  Really, with anybody but John Cryer winning.

Yes, comedy writers – funny IS sexy.

Tom Hanks really was fantastic in Bosom Buddies.


The gorgeous and hilarious Jane Lynch wins for best supporting comedy actress.  Was there ever any doubt?  Not for me!

Not a fan of Lauren Graham’s dress…she is so much better than that dress.

Ryan Murphy avoided the gay kiss – one is obviously enough…

George Clooney on Modern Family?  Yes Please!

This montage made me love reality TV even more and I didn’t think that was possible!

Poor Top Chef producer just lived every woman’s worst nightmare…tripping on the way to the stage.

Nicely timed fake-slap, Jimmy Fallon…very dramatic.

Turns out I can’t ever see that last scene from Lost with tearing up.

I kind of thought Lost would win for best writing…but although ti pains me to say it – Mad Men’s writing was probably better than the last season of Lost.

I really need to start watching this Breaking Bad that all the kids are talking about.  I CAN’T believe Lost lost that one…


Damn – I really wanted Christine Hendricks to win.  And NOT just so I could see a mini-Firefly reunion with my boyfriend, Nathan Fillion, OR ogle her boobies during her acceptance speech.

Now Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston beat out both Lost’s Matthew Fox AND my Jon Hamm…what is up with this show???

Dexter is another show that I just never got into.  Weeds either.  Seems I have a problem with shows that glorify drug dealers and serial killers…what a prude!

Jimmy Fallon is a surprisingly terrific Emmy host – summed up 24, Law & Order and Lost perfectly.

Tina Fey looks beautiful and classy and usual.

Still no love for Mad Men – January Jones makes me HATE Betty Draper, and she should’ve won for that, because I love most people…

Ricky Gervais is my British Wilzie…complaining about no beer at the Emmy’s.

Yay!  Vancouver Olympics, revisited.

Oh, aren’t we all just Bucky Gunts now and then?

I love the Daily Show…but how awesome would it have been for Conan to win?!

George Clooney = hot, funny and so kind.  I just want to eat him up!

LOVE him *sigh*

Blah, blah, miniseries/movie, blah.

Fucking Jewel, making me cry with your stupid “friend died from cancer” song.

Rue McLananhan  wins the death applause-o-meter, followed by Dennis Hopper and Lena Horne.

Didn’t they promise me True Blood cast,like, 2 hours ago!?!  I am growing antsy.

Oh Claire Danes.  I still wish you were in My So-Called Life…

Argh!  True Blood sighting!!!  Must be soon…right?  RIGHT?!?!?

TRUE BLOOD!!!!   Seriously – ASkars is super hot.

The only thing that would have made this miniseries stuff entertaining (other than the True Bloods presenting) would be if Michael Sheen won.  Never seen the movie, but he was brilliant in 30 Rock.

Wilzie is confused by al Pacino’s characters and his actual dotty-old-man persona.  I can’t say I disagree with him.

What’s Samuel L Jackson doing presenting an Emmy?  Oh…it Lawrence Fishburn…

Yay for Mad Men, but Lost will never have another chance.

Don’t be such a sore loser, January Jones – your show just won, its OK to be happy for someone else.

Thats not Ted Danson, its Colonel Sanders!

I am happy about a Modern Family win!  I don’t think any other show made me really laugh out loud more.

Great show this year!  Now to watch DVR’d True Blood and Mad Men!

My Sally Field Day (I like being liked).

After having a lazy, apres-vacay weekend, I got caught up on all my blog buddies yesterday and couldn’t quite believe what I found…

I was named the featured blogger of the day on The Blogger’s Club!  What the…?  The Blogger’s Club is a great place to find and connect with other bloggers, and I suggest you check it out if you haven’t already.  Plus she thinks I’m funny, so we know she has great taste.  So welcome to anybody checking me out from the Blogger’s Club!

Then I hopped over to see what Christine @ Raised Queer was up to.  Her most recent post said something about Skittles, and I LOVE Skittles so I was hoping there was going to be a giveaway of some sort (mmm…sugar).  There was, and it was better than candy.  Candy for my ego instead of my ass…another award!  Thanks Christine!

The rules for this award are far more complex and therefore more difficult for me to adhere to – I have to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using 5 words.  After I do that, I get to pass the award onto 5 other bloggers of substance.  Peasy.
Loophole…loophole…there had got to be a loophole to this 5 word thing.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m kinda wordy, and 5 just ain’t gonna cut it.  Hmmm…let’s see…
faux redhead loves to travel
All true, but kind of a waste of my 5 words…
I am super wicked awesome
Also true, but still doesn’t show my substance.

the shy girl lets loose

That one’s better…it explains a bit about me and why I blog.  I was always the shy girl trying to blend into the back wall.  I never believed that what I had to say mattered, and this was consistently reinforced by my family who brushed away any of my opinions or suggestions as though they were an irritable bug.  After 10 years of Wilzie telling me that I am smart and funny and that what I think is worthwhile, I actually started believing him.  But I still had no one to listen to me – this is why I blog…to freely subject people to my random thoughts whether they care or not.
learn from like-minded individuals
Hopefully what I post about stirs something in others and starts a conversation.  When I started blogging (all of 6 months ago), it was a very singular process.  But then I started to find other bloggers who made me laugh and made me think (something I am usually not fond of), and I realized how wonderful the blogging community is.  I am touched by the respect and support that this community shows each other.  The rest of the world can learn something here.
bring joy, make people smile
Oooohhh, that’s a good one.  Sounds all deep and meaningful, but still allows me to be goofy.  I figure there’s enough crap going on in the world that reading a blog shouldn’t be work.  It sounds silly, but writing and sharing this blog brings me so much joy, and even more so to know that other people enjoy it as well.  I don’t always write about happy-go-lucky things, but hopefully whatever I put out there takes your mind off your own troubles for a minute.  If it makes you laugh, even better!
So, I think I followed the rules – I am just such a keener that I followed the rules 5 TIMES (I told you I was super wicked awesome)!
And now the easy part, I dub thee “bloggers of substance”:
Shortmama @ Family of Shorts
Some of these Ladies I have been following for awhile and some I just found recently, but they all substantiate me, and for that I am thankful.

Hopefully I don’t trip on my way to the stage…Wait, there’s no stage?

So here I am going about my day, joyfully blogging about whatever random event happens to catch my fancy at that particular moment.  I am slowly building my readership, and I really appreciate each and every one of you for taking time out of your day to read my inconsequential ramblings.  Then yesterday, I was given this:

Its my first ever award, and because I am not ashamed to let my Dork flag fly, I can admit to you that I let out a high pitched and ear piercing little “Squee” of glee.  I am so happy and excited that Shana from Fumbling Towards Normalcy has seen fit to bestow this lovely upon me.  And it means that much more that it comes from a blogger whom I enjoy and admire.  Really, if you haven’t checked out Shana’s blog yet, please do so – she is all kinds of fabulous; she wears Crocs and has many bloggable encounters with bus people.  She also really likes Twilight, but I just tend to over look that…

Now with this award comes a couple of rules:  I have to divulge 7 random bits of information about me, and I have to pass the award on to 7 other Beautiful Bloggers.  I normally don’t like rules, but these will be easy, so what the hell!

7 Random Things About Me:

I hate to cook.  Unless there is no other option, Wilzie does the bulk of the cooking in our house.  But thanks to my Mom’s recipe, I make the best damn French Onion Soup you will ever eat.

I am always cold.  Always.  Except when I’m hot.

I consider myself a “worker-bee”, and do not like to manage or supervise others.  Yet I have owned 2 of my own businesses – a massage therapy practice and a coffee house.  Thankfully, I was the only employee in the former, and Wilzie was around to be the “heavy” in the latter.

I hate talking on the phone, but I worked in a call centre for 4 years.

I lived in the Rocky Mountains for a year and didn’t ski or snowboard even once.  Something about racing down a slippery hill with waxed planks strapped to my feet terrifies me.  I much prefered the apres-ski (read: drinking).

I eat Cheezies with chopsticks to avoid getting the orange dust on my fingers.

I sucked my thumb when I went to sleep until I was 11.  I think that was when I discovered Bailey’s.

And now for the 7 Beautiful Bloggers that I would like to pass this on to:

Another Day of Crazy

Herding Cats

Salt Says

Sara in Le Petit Village

Sara Spelled without an H

Stacy Says

The Muse 30

That’s it for me today, except to wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!