The One: Episode 15 – Marissa and Kreg

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This week’s episode of The One will teach you how to woo a commitment-phobe. It’s simple, really. You just need a lot of patience, months of persistence, and a promise of marriage before your first date.

But if you ask Kreg, I know he’ll tell you that Marissa was more than worth the effort.

Marissa and Kreg. Photo Cred

Marissa and Kreg.       Photo Cred



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One thought on “The One: Episode 15 – Marissa and Kreg

  1. I was at the AMA website meeting when Marissa and Kreg first met and it was so gloriously cute and wonderful at the same time! I think absolutely the world of them both individually and together they are magical and inspirational on so many levels. I love them both madly and they give me so much hope in many ways. I want nothing but the very best for both of them and know that is always what I’ll see from them – that’s just who they both are. No, they are not a “traditional cookie-cutter” couple but they make everything work according to their personal and combined beliefs and it is uniquely “them”. They are one of the best examples (of individuals, as well as a couple) that I am lucky enough to know and they continue to be that way.

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