Day 66 – 100 happy days; pot of gold

Some days require more than a strong martini.

Today, I pulled out the big guns.


Day 66 – a big pot of comfort

My mom was a damn fine cook, but one of my favourite things that she made was fancy Kraft Dinner.

So today, when I really could have used a hug from my mom, I made some KD (with bacon) instead.

It’s about as happy as I’m going to get today.

3 thoughts on “Day 66 – 100 happy days; pot of gold

  1. Eeeep! Not sure if my comment went through? In any event, on some days all you need is comfort food and I can’t think of anything yummier than mac and cheese. Yours looks delicious–enjoy!

  2. This looks SO good. My husband hates this brand but I’m going to be honest, while my mom always made some amazing homemade mac n’ cheese sometimes you just want the KRAFT POWDER AND MILK WITH BUTTER version! Such a happy tummy!

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