day 64 – 100 happy days; bbq brisket and beer

When we were in Austin, TX, Phil and I gained a HUGE appreciation for real BBQ brisket. Its juicy and fatty and covered in a dark, crunchy bark.

It is glorious.

So, when we got an email from our friend Cynthia inviting us for brisket and beer at the Elm Cafe Catering space, how could we say no?

The only catch was that we had to be filmed eating and talking about the food.

100 happy days

Day 64 – bbq brisket and beer

I have to admit I was skeptical, since most people in Edmonton don’t know the difference between “BBQ” and “grilling”, but all my doubts flew out the window when Allan Suddaby walked into the dining room with the most beautiful piece of beef I have seen north of the border.

Thankfully, the filming for New Trail (a University of Alberta┬ámagazine) was unobtrusive, and we were encouraged to talk openly, as we would at a dinner party among friends. Being someone who’s husband drags her along to all kinds of food tv appearances, I found this so┬ámuch better than having to spout over-the-top sound bites, while a camera is shoved an inch away from my face as I’m chewing.

And did I mention the food was delicious?

Because it really was.

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