day 57 – 100 happy days; nothing but knitting

Today could have been a very productive day.

But it wasn’t.

I could have prepared a meal plan for the week and prepping dinner, I could have cleaned my apartment, I could have applied for jobs or otherwise made plans for my future, I certainly should have paid a visit to the gym…but I didn’t.

Hell, I didn’t even dust off our deck chairs, when it is clearly #deckbeers weather!

Instead, I sat in a comfy chair, watched House of Cards and knit.

Because obviously the only sane thing to do when spring arrives is think, “I need to knit a blanket!

100 happy days

Day 57 – a do-nothing-but-knitting day

I try not to indulge in do-absolutely-nothing days very often, because I usually end up feeling more guilty than anything else…but today, this seems to be exactly what I needed.

I’ll get to that other stuff tomorrow.


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