day 56 – 100 happy days; spending time with my sister

With the exception of a few random months here and there, my sister and I have never been terribly close.

She is a few years older than me, so we never really grew up together and, when we did grow up, we were very different people with not a lot in common.

We even spent more years than I care to remember downright despising each other.

Thankfully, we put all that behind us a few years ago and, while we don’t really hang out often, I always enjoy the time we do spend together.

me and my sister

me and my sister

Day 56 – getting to spend even a little bit of time with my sister

Now my sister is sick, and spending time with her teaches me to appreciate every minute.  Since her cancer diagnosis last year, she has remained ridiculously positive through all the ups and downs of her diagnosis and treatment, and I am never not amazed by her strength.

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