day 51 – 100 happy days; this man

This man makes me happy.

Every single day, regardless of what else is happening in our lives, this man has the power to make me smile.

This man knows me, he knows every piece of me – the me that I show to the world, and the me that lurks in the shadows, hidden away out of fear and shame.

This man loves me, regardless.

This man often forgets to change the toilet paper roll.

This man believes in me. He encourages me to follow my dream – whatever that dream may be – and he truly believes that I have it in me to succeed, even when I have my doubts.

This man supports me. ¬†When I realize that what I thought was my dream…wasn’t, he enables me to let it go without ever making me feel like a failure.

And then he lifts me up, brushes me off, and tells me to try something different, to find what’s right.

But, to just be sure this time.

This man’s faith in me is unwavering.

100 happy days

Day 51 – this amazing man

This man is the most important person in my life and I am so thankful that I have, somehow, tricked him into loving me.

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