Day 43 – 100 happy days; my crew

After spending the last 3 months at different sites, I am back at my old practicum site, and I gotta say…it feels kind of good.

As much I hated it there before Christmas, after being away for a while, it feels like coming home.  A dysfunctional home,sure, but home nonetheless.

I know where everything is, I know how everything works, and my friends are here.

Going through an awful practicum together can forge friendships in steel, and these people are my support system. And I have missed them severely.


Day 42 – getting to hang with my crew

Unfortunately, we didn’t all get our breaks at the same time (and a key member is offsite this week) so I didn’t get the unadulterated joy of having the gang all together again. But the bits and pieces I got made me very very happy.

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