day 38 – 100 happy days; date night

I was so excited for our night tonight – we were going to a great new pub to check out Story Slam.  I love the idea of people getting up and just telling you a story (or, God forbid, a poem) for 5 minutes. We all do it when we get together with friends, this is just a (slightly) more formal format…and there’s cash involved.


But when we got there, the great new pub was full to capacity and no amount of charm could squeeze us in.  So we took the opportunity to walk to another, not so great, pub so we could at least get a burger review for Phil’s blog.

We walked in, chose a table by the window so we could get some light on the inevitable burger pics, and settled in. Unfortunately, the table next to us was full of massive douchebags.  OK…mostly one massive douchebag and a few other sycophants.  But this one douchbag was so massive that his douchbaggery could fill not only the table, but the entire room.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure he said “fuck” 100 times every 5-7 minutes.

But then the cutest couple walked in and sat at a table a few feet away…

table for two

table for two

Day 38 – Cutest date night ever

She had a walker and he had an oxygen tank.

They ordered a bottle of wine.

And they talked to each other.

It was adorable.

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