Day 32 – 100 happy days; puppy love

Growing up I only had cats, so I never knew the special love of having a dog.

Then I started dating Phil…and we got a cat.

And then a dog.

That was when I started to realize just wonderful those 4-legged friends are.  Dogs just really, really love their humans.

Our dog, Maya, loving as she was, was not the most learned of dogs.  She sat…if we had food, but she wasn’t one for staying.

So when I see a dog that can stay put for any length of time, I am in awe.

puppy love

puppy love

Day 32 – this dog watching his human inside the grocery store, waiting for them to come out

This pup stood still as a statue, his nose pressed to the glass of the grocery store waiting to catch a glimpse of his owner.

And it melted my heart.



I miss my puppy

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