Day 17 – 100 happy days; a great cuppa

So, I’ve already mentioned how happy I am to be working at my new practicum site, and how peaceful the bus ride is, and how great it is that it’s light out when I get to work.

What I have failed to mention is that it is impossible to get a decent cup of coffee anywhere near the hospital.

There is a Starbucks a block away, but it has the worst coffee I have ever tasted. I have no idea what they are doing to their beans, or how they are preparing them that is so different, but what is sold to me is undrinkable sludge.

My other option is the convenience store across the street.

Don’t even.

But what I did get from Starbucks that is fantastic is, possibly, the best travel mug ever manufactured.


Day 17 – Delicious coffee, that I make myself, that is still hot when I get to work.

This mug is a spectacular work of genius. It doesn’t leak a drop, even if it’s sitting upside in my bag and, after walking/standing outside in freezing cold weather and a long (albeit peaceful) bus ride, it is still steaming hot when I get to work.

So now, thanks to this amazing travel mug, I can make my coffee at home to my, admittedly, finicky specifications and I don’t have settle for a subpar cuppa.

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