day 9 – 100 happy days; #deckbeers

My favourite thing in the summer is to sit on our deck, enjoy a beverage and watch the world walk by.

I look forward to it all day at work.  Phil and I share stories about our day, while basking in the summer warmth and we laugh at people’s attempts at parallel parking.

Needless to say, we haven’t even opened the door to our patio in months, nevermind spent time people watching from it.

Stupid winter.

So I was very happy that the house we were renting had a big front porch (there’s a massive backyard patio as well, but back yards are boring) and that the weather is the perfect temperature for a deck sit.

and check out those legs!

and check out those legs!

Day 9 – #deckbeers in February

Unfortunately, we are staying on a sleepy, little residential street, so there’s not much in the way of interesting comings and goings, but we are enjoying it just the same.  There’s just something about sitting outside, in warm weather, sipping a cold beverage with the person I love most that makes me happy.

One thought on “day 9 – 100 happy days; #deckbeers

  1. We are finally having some good weather in Texas, and you’ve dodged “cedar fever season”. Just ask the locals with whom you meet if they enjoyed cedar fever this year. Hope you get to eat some good barbecue!

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