Day 7 – 100 happy days; a place to rest my head

Please excuse me if this post makes no sense.

Phil and I boarded a plane for Texas at 11:55pm last night.  We landed in Austin at 9:05am this morning, and not being able to check into our rental until 4pm this afternoon, we did what any sane people would do; we rented a car and drove another 90 miles to San Antonio to walk around the riverfront.

It was great!  We had a fantastic day, but by the time we finally rolled up to our rental house, we were exhausted.

a place to rest my head

a place to rest my head

Day 7 – A comfy bed to get a well-deserved night’s sleep.

The rental is lovely, in a great part of town, with plenty to walk to. And, more importantly to me right now, a pillow top mattress for me to drift away on.  Tomorrow will be more exciting, I’m sure, with plenty of interesting sights (and beverages) but, for tonight, what really makes me happy is the prospect of sleep…

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