Day 6 – 100 happy days; away we go

With a week of holidays spread out before us, Phil and I had many ideas of where we should go…

San Diego? Good, but we were just there last spring.

San Francisco? Always a favourite, but we’ve been there many times already.

New York? Lots to do, but cold.

Montreal? Nice to not have to deal with the exchange rate, but cold.

Ottawa? Cold.

Vancouver? Slightly less cold, but still cold.

New Orleans? Perfect! But the flights suck and are way more than we were looking to spend.

That’s when we turned to a city that’s been on our list for a long time, but we’ve never managed to get to.


Day 6 – And away we go!

Tonight we fly to Austin, Texas. Where we will listen to all manners of live music (preferably in outdoor venues), eat BBQ and burgers,  and become closely acquainted with the food trucks around the city.

Oh yeah…and drink.

We plan on drinking.

A lot.

Happy days, indeed.

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