day 4 – 100 happy days; a good book

Since I started school, I haven’t had much time to read for fun.

Now I read to learn.  When I’m not doing that, Phil keeps me busy going to foodie events, or just out with friends. And when we’re not doing that I’m, generally, so exhausted that I can only read a page or two before nodding off completely.

So it’s a rare occasion when there is nothing else I can do but lay around and read.

Turns our recovering from minor surgery is just that occasion!

happy mind

happy mind

Day 4 – A fun, fast-paced book to keep my mind busy while my body heals

I have a ton of book previews loaded on my Kobo, so that I can pick whatever I’m in the mood for and read a couple of chapters to make sure it’s what I want.  Today I picked out this thriller by local author, Todd Babiak, and it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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