meeting the doctor – my beginner’s thoughts on Doctor Who

I know I resolved to blog more this year and I plan to, but right now I kind of just want to watch Doctor Who.


***Warning – Full-on Nerdity Ahead!***

I know I’m late to this party and I’ve been reading about The Doctor for a few years now but, as much I enjoy Supernatural and Buffy, time travel and aliens just aren’t my thing. And it didn’t help that one of the strongest recommendations for it came from friends of ours who also recommended Troll Hunter to us…so we were skeptical (to say the very least) about their taste in entertainment.

Then the Christmas holiday rolled around and there wasn’t a single other thing to watch, so we gave the good Doctor a try.

And it wasn’t great.

But, like Breaking Bad, we were warned that it started off not-so-great and got better as it went, so we persevered.  We are now at the beginning of season 3, and its safe to say we are hooked.*

So, since I’d rather be watching Doctor Who than writing this blog, but Phil is writing his blog and won’t let me turn on the TV, I figured I’d do the next best thing and write some of my thoughts here:**

The Doctor


I was not a fan of the first season we watched of Doctor Who with the 9th Doctor.  I can’t really put my finger what about him I wasn’t a fan of, but I couldn’t wait for him to regenerate.  And, when he did, I started enjoying the 10th Doctor almost immediately.


I don’t really understand how this works, since we’ve only seen it once, and I wasn’t paying all that much attention, but this is what allows the show to continue over 50 years.  When the Doctor is dying (?) he can regenerate his form into something new.  I think this is a brilliant concept as it constantly gives the show new life.

The Companions


The first 2 seasons’ companion was Rose. It was her last episode, in my opinion, that the show went from “Meh…” to “Yeah!”  Which is not to say that I didn’t like her, because I did – she worked really well with David Tennant (the 10th Doctor) and it was the depth of their relationship shown in that episode that turned the corner for me.  And I was excited to see Catherine Tate’s pop up, because she is all kinds of awesome, but that seemed to be some cruel kind of prank because some other chick became the new companion.

The Villains



This is easily my least favourite part of the show.  I find the villains to be, at best, corny, and at worst, incredibly irritating.  When I see a Dalek on screen I want to run screening from the room.  Not out of fear, but because their constant screaming of “EXTERMINATE” is like nails on a chalkboard, and the Cybermen aren’t much better.

The Creep Factor

When the villains aren’t corny or irritating, they are flat-out creepy as fuck.

creepy dr who

dr who weeping angel

And the very worst of all…

Phil actually downloaded a ringtone of that last one for the sole purpose of tormenting me with it. *shudder*

So those are my general impressions of the show so far – and as I said, I’m not that far into it and I’m really just starting to get into the show.  I enjoy David Tennant immensely and, as much as I was looking forward to Matt Smith (since he is all Entertainment Weekly seems to talk about), I don’t really want the time of the 10th Doctor to end.  And (knowing nothing of what’s to come) I wish they would depart from a monster-of-the-week format and develop as more of a serial so we could have a bit more character development from week to week.

What are your thoughts about Doctor Who?  Are you a rabid fan, or could you care less?  Who is your favourite Doctor?  Companion?  And what’s the deal with their relationship – just friends?  Lovers?  Or a very deep mentor/mentee bond?  Let me know in the comments below!

*hooked = we, begrudgingly, enjoy watching it when there isn’t anything else on the PVR, but it’s still at the bottom of our list (for now)

**keep in mind that I am only 2 and a bit seasons in (which means 2 doctors and 2 companions), so all of the above opinions could change as our viewings progress

3 thoughts on “meeting the doctor – my beginner’s thoughts on Doctor Who

  1. LOL, Glad you like it. Now let me be the geek and explain the regeneration aspect. The doctor can regenerate up to 13 times. After that, he dies for real. Tennant was the 10th doctor and technically, there can only be 13 regenerations (the first doctor included).

    The way it works is the body wears thin or becomes damaged and they can regenerate but when they do, they lose something of themselves and visually change and personality wise they change (this accounts for the ability to swap out lead characters). THey do not, however, lose their memory of their time or companions.

    The concept is brilliant but a little confusing for sure. Glad you are hooked. It just gets better and better. Donna is the best companion, bar none.

  2. I’m a casual watcher of Doctor Who because I won’t allow myself to adopt any more favorite shows. Once Downton and Big Bang and Good Wife are gone…I’ll binge watch all the Doctor Who’s and reclaim my nerdiness.

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