20/20 – my Justin Timberlake experience

I wonder what it would be like to control hoards of people with a single look.  To cause screams, cries and fainting just by straightening your cuff.

I have no idea.  But Justin Timberlake does.

Photo from The Edmonton Sun

Photo from The Edmonton Sun

That man had a special kind of talent…several, actually.

He is super sexy, he sings like an angel, he dances like a dream, he acts, he’s funny and charming and…did I mention the super sexy thing?

Damn sexy.

Like, sexy was gone for a while, but he just brought it right on back!*

I missed his show the last time he rolled through town, and the Ticketmaster captcha made it impossible for me to get tickets this go round.  So, I was ecstatic when a friend wasn’t able to use her tickets and sold them to me (Sorry Lisa, but thanks!).

The tickets were nowhere near the stage but, luckily for me, JT has enough magnetism to touch every single person in that arena regardless of how many steps they had to climb to get tot their seats.

That’s to say, I was screaming when he straightened his cuff right along with all the other lovestoned chicks.

But whether he gives you the tingles in your lady-parts or not, you’ve got to admire the man’s stamina.  He performed for 3 hours with only a paltry 10 minute break to change his suit and replenish his liquids.

I gotta say that I’m not a huge fan of his new album – too many slow jams for my liking, but he put everything he had into making us love those damn slow jams.  What I did love was Cry Me a River, My Love, and Sexyback.  And I could not have been happier when he played my favourites, Rock Your Body and  Seniorita.

BUT THEN he played Heartbreak Hotel, Jungle Boogie and, wait for it, POISON! How can you not love a man who serenades you with Bell Biv Devoe?

And then there were the effects …behind the stage was a giant fabric of honeycombs that opened to allow lights to shine and acted as a giant screen.

At the end, a part of the stage lifted off and glided to the other end of the arena, where he performed several more songs.

Photo courtesy of my my friend, Julie, who was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of JT's undercarriage as the stage passed overhead

Photo courtesy of my my friend, Julie, who was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of JT’s undercarriage as the stage passed overhead

And then there were the lasers!  I have no idea what this song was, but the lasers blew my freaking mind (thanks to Kayla for having the presence of mind to record some of it)!

It was an amazing concert.  And though I may have posted this tweet when I got home at 1am (on a Monday!):

I don’t regret a thing.

And in the end, he finished the show in a near frenzy of musical hits, lights and shaking his groove-thang before thanking the crowd, taking a bow and disappearing below the stage.  No bullshit making-us-scream-and-clap-and-beg-for-an-encore, he gave everything he had, and then he was done.

And it was awesome.

So that’s basically my review of The 20/20 Experience:

JT sexy.  Concert awesome. Lasers are neat.

*Sorry, that joke was so 2007

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