the things we put up with for love

I haven’t bought a new bag in so long.  I’ve been looking – always looking – but I just haven’t found something that compelled me to open my wallet.

But then I got an email that Matt & Nat was having a big sale.

I love Matt & Nat – they make really great vegan bags out of recycled plastic bottles.* 

As I scrolled through their sale items online, I found that two bags that I had been eyeing up for a while were  now 50% off the regular price.



You know I had to snap those beauties up.

So I placed my order, entered my credit card number and pressed COMPLETE, satisfied that the Universe was rewarding my recent self-control with 2 perfect bags.

For the price of one.

All that was left was the waiting for them to arrive.

So that’s what I did.

But then a friend of mine also purchased a bag from the Matt & Nat online sale rack and got an email the next day informing her that her bag has shipped and would be at her door in a few days.

I never received such an email.  So, being annoying proactive, I immediately fired off an inquiry to them regarding the status of my order.

Then I went back to waiting.

Every day I would pick my sorry, old Matt & Nat bag that I have hauled around for the last 4 years and wonder where my new, pretty bags were.  Almost a week had passed and I still had heard nothing from the company about the bags I had just ordered (but had been coveting for over a year).

So I sent another email.

And heard nothing.

So I called.**

After typing in my order number, the customer service rep said, “I, uh, think I see the reason for the delay.  Er…uhm…you see…the bag you ordered, its…uhm…no longer available.  I believe its even…erm…been taken down from the website.”

You mean the bag that was totally available and still on the website last week when I placed the order?  The bag that you happily took my money for?

Yeah, that bag.

He advised me that I was more than welcome to choose another bag in its place – gee thanks! – and when I pointed out that the replacement bag was $10 less he told me enthusiastically, “Well, you can always pick out something else to make up the difference!”  

“Or you could just refund the difference…”

“Oh, yeah, I guess I could do that too, if you prefer.” he responded.

You think?

“And what about the other bag that I ordered?” I was almost afraid to ask.

“Oh, that one is good, we have that one…”

So, essentially, they were withholding my order, not telling me anything and avoiding my emails because they let me order (and pay for) an item that was no longer in stock and they weren’t even letting me have the other bag that I ordered that they do have in stock?


So Matt & Nat’s problem resolution style is avoidance and sheepishness.

Did I mention they are a Canadian company?


if only the bags weren’t so darn pretty

*Not that any of that matters to me in the least – I just think they make really pretty bags.

**I loathe talking on the phone, so you know its serious when I actually dial a number and voluntarily speak to someone.

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  1. First, I love the bags and applaud you for both buying vegan and not being a purse whore like me. First handbags in 4 years?…long overdue in my book. Second, your customer service experience hit a raw nerve with me today as I went through something similar with Talbots and another store…complete frustration.

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