my ongoing battle with adult acne and puny lashes

2 months ago, I splurged and bought myself a Clarisonic and some fancy skin care products from the Blue Lagoon – I was tired of my 20 year battle with adult acne and was willing to throw whatever money at the problem that was necessary to fix it.

This was me before my new shin care regime:

a bit of redness, but not too bad, actually

And this is what I got going on now:

I think I see the Big Dipper forming...

As you can see – that was money well spent!

The first couple of weeks were great – my skin looked bright and radiant, and nearly blemish-free; I even told Phil that I would be able to toss my cover-up before long.

Now, 2 months later, I am still using my cover-up.

But I convinced myself that it was normal…my skin was purging itself of all of its impurities.  These blemishes would have surfaced eventually, the Clarisonic was just bringing them to the surface quicker.  I took a couple of deep breaths, and told myself to stick with it because once this cleared up, I would have the skin I’ve dreamed of.

But once those first few blemishes cleared up, there were more coming in to take their place.

And then more.

And then I started getting full-on pimples where I have never even gotten pimples before!

But I paid a lot of money for this crap am stubborn so I am not going to cut my losses just yet.  I’ve done a bit more research, and I’ve learned that sensitive skin (which mine really is) can react this way to the exfoliation of the Clarisonic. Up to now, I’ve been using it every night, religiously, but I am changing my tactics and am reducing the frequency to twice/week.

I am also going to start washing the brush head more often – because apparently, even though its slathered with soap every day, it can still collect bacteria.

Which I then rub all over my face.


I know I really talked up the awesome-ness of the Clarisonic when I first got it, so I will keep you posted on how the new strategy plays out.  And if there is no improvement, I will let you know how Sephora’s return policy is.

In addition to my never-ending obsession with my zits, I was also whining a few months ago about my puny, non-existent lashes.  Specifically  how the Rimmel  Lash Accelerator mascara did not live up to its claims.

At which point, on a recommendation from Bliss, I decided to give Rapid Lash a try.

Now – it has been far from rapid, but I definitely see a difference (a positive one!):

look closely...they're there

Its not a HUGE difference – they certainly aren’t going to be brushing up against my eyeglasses any time soon –  but its noticable enough for me to buy another tube of the Rapid Lash.

They’re a little bit longer and not quite as spindly, but the one thing I have really noticed, is that my lashes have stopped falling out – so if for no other reason, I will mark this one in the “win” column!

Hopefully, they are enough to draw attention away from the connect-the-dots game playing out on my chin.

Do you have any words of wisdom for me – have you found a tried and true acne remedy that I should try?

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  1. You’re the second person this week who has mentioned Rapid Lash. I must buy some! (as soon as I find it on sale) Thanks!
    Have you tried ProActiv? I hear good things about it.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    I definitely see an improvement in your lashes…they look really pretty. I am glad Rapid Lash is working.

    As for the acne…here is the first thought that came to my mind and correct me if I am wrong because I am not sure of the time line. Did your better skin also coincide with during the time you weren’t eating a lot of foods because of your health issue? Maybe you had unknowingly eliminated a trigger food–dairy, gluten, sugar…whatever–that worked itself out of your system, thus resulting in clearer skin. Maybe the acne has reappeared after it was slowly reintroduced into your diet?? Just a thought.

    I recently read a couple of things about the Clarisonic too that made a little leary of getting it…one of them is what you mentioned about sensitive skin. The other thing I read was that it might be too much for non-oily skin too.

  3. I use a four step cleaning system on my face. I wash first with a make up remover, then with anti bacterial face cleaners, then a toner, then I re-hydrate my skin with a moisturizer that I add a drop of tea tree oil to.

  4. I have tried almost every treatment for my face too! Not the clarisonic though. I have very sensitive skin as well. Recently I purchased a micro-roller from my esthetician. So far so good! My skin isn’t “clear” but I feel that breakouts are less often. However, I feel that even using it twice a week leaves my skin sensitive to the elements. Having my face stuck in a deep fryer or out a window all day doesn’t help either. It’s supposed to help with wrinkles & the acne. I can let you know how it goes! Otherwise, treating myself 2 a year (more if extra cash) to her facials helps a lot too. Thanks for posting on this!

  5. My aesthetician gave me great advice on the Clarisonic (I also have adult acne-prone, sensitive skin): DO NOT USE IT EVERYDAY. The Clarisonic really stimulates the skin, and you are going your sensitive skin damage by attacking it with the device. Also, make sure you are not pressing it into your chin or any other acne-prone area in an effort to “clean” the skin – you are only making it angrier.

    Since using the Clarisonic only thrice weekly, my inflammation has signficantly decreased and pimples only occur if wheat sneaks into my diet. I use very gentle products, do not use soap or astringent, and keep my hands away from my chin and forehead.

    Hope that helps!

  6. your lashes look fantastic I can see a big improvement. I think most of the over the counter lash items do more for conditioning and helping the lashes to stay put instead of fall out. If that results in thicker longer lashes it’s a win/win in my book.

    I have yet to try the Clarisonic or the other brushes like it on the market I’ve been dying too… my chin is a mess lately, and my forehead… I hear the chin is related to hormones… great… just what I need wacked out hormones.

    Keep us posted I wish I had words of wisdom but I got nothing except I might go see a dermatologist just to get to the bottom of mine.

  7. Ohhhnnoooooo. I too am a huge massive bigggg sufferer at the age of 46. Yes FORTY.SIX. Having breezed through my teens without so much as a pimple?!! My sincere advice is to be more gentle. Too much exfoliation, too much clarfying results in more spots. I have had truly brilliant success with dr hauska. I am in the uk not sure if readily available in your location? I use cheap gentle cleanser mostly but if I have a bad breakout I go straight to dr hauska and am clear within two weeks. The more aggressive you are with your skin the more it reacts. Trust me this is from experience.

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