accounting for my absence

You know you haven’t been blogging enough when you stop getting spam that comments on my take on popped collars that say, “What an interesting and thought-provoking blog post.  I never thought to look at this subject in that way“.

So I guess I better write something so I can continue getting those artificial, canned compliments and my self-esteem starts to plummet…


People have been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, and the truth is, I have been mind-blowingly busy!

You know, there are mere days left until the Hunger Games comes out!  And I have spent much of time deciding which show time I will be attending, what theatre I will be watching it in, and very (VERY) carefully selecting my seats.  This is important shit, People, and should not be taken lightly.


I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen…yes, over 3 months in, and I am still cooking dinner almost every night.  Are you impressed?  You should be – because I CANNOT COOK.

I have also taken to baking in my spare time – nothing fancy, some cream cheese cookies here, some golden graham s’more bars there…


And my jeans seem to have shrunk.



Phil and I have also put our mad kitchen skills to good use and cooked dinner for 30 families at our local Ronald McDonald House.  Check out Phil’s recount of it here.

my big, strong man, whipping those potatoes into (out of?) shape


As promised, I have been keeping up on all of your blogs (even if you don’t see me, I am still lurking there, somewhere) – and I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my girl Kallay!  She is turning the big 3-o today, and if I know anything (which, I do) I know that she will have most excellent decade.  To start it off right, she giving away gifts all week, including something from my all-time favourite jewellery designer Daisy & Elm –  is she awesome, or what?!


Phil and I went away for a weekend in Calgary and we had a really great time.

We ate.

A lot.


And had a meal of epic proportions at CHARCUT (the restaurant of Top Chef Canada’s 2nd runner-up, Connie DeSousa).  It was apparently so epic that when we saw Connie in Edmonton last weekend, she remembered us and bestowed one of the best compliments on us, “I love how you guys eat!”.

Really, who needs jeans?  Leggings have so much more stretch…


And then there’s Lent…you know how I love my Lent.

I decided to go big this year…like crazy big.

Chocolate?  That was nothing.  Shopping? That was a breeze.  Alcohol?  That’s for pussies.

Because, this year?  This year I am giving up negatively judging people and nasty thoughts.

When I told Phil my plan, he only had 4 words for me:

You’re going to Hell.

Thanks for the encouragement, Babe.

I am happy to say that its been going pretty good – but Lord help me, when I have to take the bus!

my grumpy/judge-y face


Oh yeah, and Phil and I are planning a small-time trip to a little place called NEW YORK CITY!

Maybe you’ve heard of it?

We are going to visit the wonderful Shana, and May cannot come fast enough.


So yeah…that’s what I’ve been with my time – mostly eating and not judging people.

Its exhausting!

What have you been up to?

0 thoughts on “accounting for my absence

  1. Thank goodness Lent will be over before you get here…because the two of us together not being able to have negative thoughts or judge people??? That would be impossible.

    Bless your heart because I couldn’t do it. I am in awe of you and your super human strength.

    I’m off to go judge some people now…

  2. No worries, Robyn. I figured you must have been busy working towards the Nobel Peace Prize or something. I have missed you though and after reading this…I remember why.

    I have been reading the Hunger Games the past couple of weeks. I am excited for the movie too. However, everytime I see a trailer I cry. ~~Bliss

  3. I am glad you have been keeping busy with some good stuff. I would probably fail at your Lent thing but it’s definitely a nice idea. Hunger Games! Golden Grahams! NY! Seems like lots of excitement coming up for you.

  4. Best line ever: “Really, who needs jeans? Leggings have so much more stretch…”

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks this way 😉

  5. I haven’t seen that clip from HG with Peeta and Caesar – wow!! Thanks for posting! I just re-read the book Tuesday and Wednesday.
    I’m so jealous you’re going to NYC! What a city! Make sure you pack eating pants because everything there is superb!
    Fantastic job on the Ronald McDonald House meal. If you do it again and need a hand, let me know!
    I missed reading your adventures!

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