dazzling a national audience, one taco at a time

After seeing the success of Food Network’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, Canada – being under represented yet too polite to say anything – decided that we need a show like that of our own.

Enter You Gotta Eat Here!

This is the DDD of the Great White North.

Only much cooler, eh.

Over the last couple of weeks, the show has shot at different restaurants around Edmonton – including one of our favourites, Tres Carnales and Phil and I got an invite to stop by for the filming!

In the days leading up to the actual shoot, I maintained that I didn’t want to go; I had no interest in seeing just how much weight the camera really adds (now in HD!).  But on the morning of the shoot, I made sure I did my hair and put on makeup before heading out the door.

I told Phil that I would go, but that he can do the talking.

When we walked into the taqueria, we were handed the release forms to sign, told that we would be the first interviews, and took a seat.  I filled out the form, but told Phil that I planned on being very boring so that they wouldn’t even dream of using anything that I said.

We got mic’d up, and waited for our visit with John Catucci – the host of the show.  I was plotting how I could sabotage the microphone that was taped to my sweater to ensure they couldn’t use my footage…just in case I couldn’t suppress my natural charm and wit.

John came over, introduced himself, and gave us a few pointers for when we were in front of the camera.  He was really friendly and funny and quickly put both Phil and me at ease.

Then I was up.

The lights were shone my way, the camera swung around to face me and John sat down.  He asked me what I was eating, and we banterred about the yumminess of the fish tacos on my plate.

Then the sound guy stopped us.  He had to move my microphone.  Then he had to move it again.

So much for me sabotaging the sound.

Then we started the interview again and tried to recreate the witty repartee that didn’t get picked up the first time.

And I’m sorry to say that I was…awesome.  John asked me a few more questions, then the same questions off-camera, and then I was filmed eating tacos for, what felt like, 20 minutes.

It is, apparently, impossible to suppress my charm and wit, even while stuffing my face with fish tacos and guacamole .

Damn my enchanting personality!

Then it was Phil‘s turn – he and John played off each other well and he had some good soundbites that, I think, have a good shot of making it into the show.

After we were done dazzling, we hung around a bit to take in the action.

Once we were certain that nobody else was showcasing our brand of star power, we put on our coats, said goodbye to our new best TV friends, did one last curtain call, thanked everyone for coming and exited stage left.

Now we just have to sit back and wait for the episode to air (not til spring), and for our royalty cheques to, surely, follow.

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  1. Please be sure to blog the date when it airs – so have to see this! We’ve been trying to make it there to try the food but Naked Bacon has a thing about possibly having to share a table with – gasp – people he doesn’t know.

  2. I kind of feel jipped that I live in America right now. I wanna see you on TV! And then I wanna yell in my living room, “I KNOW HER!” like Elf. But alas…

    I hope they at least have a video on a website somewhere. Maybe You Tube? You could go viral!

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