pomp, pageantry, pj’s and popcorn

I love awards shows.

I claim the couch and the TV for the Oscars and the Emmys – Phil makes me supper during the red carpet, popcorn during the show, and makes sure my wine glass never gets lower than half full.  Maverick curls up on my lap and I don’t move for the entire night.

But my favourite awards show is the Golden Globes.

Its got movies, TV, alcohol and Ricky Gervais making fun of the whole lot.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

I was even invited over to a friend’s house Sunday night for a home-cooked dinner and I said ‘no’ because the farthest I venture from my TV on Golden Globe night is the bathroom.

And last night was no exception.*

Here are my thoughts:

~ 10 years ago when Phil would force me to watch wrestling with him, if you would have told me that Stacy Keibler would be dating George Clooney, I would have told you to put down your crack pipe and give your head a shake

i wonder if he likes her to pin him…

~ I was disappointed that after all the hype over who Ricky Gervais would skewer in his opening monologue, the answer turned out to be…nobody

~ Phil spent so much time rewinding, pausing and slomo-ing to to see if this dress was actually see through that I was able to fast forward through 2 sets of commercials

i can’t really tell…is there a…nipple?

~ I have never seen “Boss” but I don’t know if I can live in a world where Frasier wins an award over Bryan Cranston and Damian Lewis

~ I am not a fan of Ringer, but it is so good to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in popular culture again


~ Madonna annoys me.

~ “My name is Seth Rogan, and I am currently trying to hide a massive erection.”  Biggest real laugh of the night.

~ Mostly unrelated story – In a recent interview, Michelle Williams was asked about her short hair and she said that the man that she loved preferred her hair short, and that she will always wear it that way to honour his memory.

~ Tight race, but George Clooney looks more distinguished with a cane than Brad Pitt

~ Have I mentioned that Madonna annoys me?

“i am so much better than you…and you…and you over there too”

~ Felicity Huffman, representin’ for the older broads – smokin’ hot!  Jessica Lange, not so much.

~ Claire Danes, I have loved you since I was 15, and I love you still.

i do miss the red hair, though

~ If anyone was weirded out that Matt LeBlanc won, then they haven’t seen Episodes.  Great show, he’s a total douchebag…in a great way.

~ Phil during Sidney Poitier’s introduction of Morgan Freeman: “Can we fast forward this?” ME: “No, we’re watching this live.”  PHIL: “I was just hoping that if we fast forwarded it, he would sound like he was talking at normal speed…”

~ I am concerned for Kate Beckinsale.  The cameraman seems to have developed an unhealthy obsession with her.

can’t really blame the guy, though.  She is super hot!

~ Mark Wahlberg was doing his best “James-Franco-hosting-the-Oscars” impression

~ *Sigh* Colin Firth is just so…*sigh*.

why yes, i did take this picture myself – that’s why he is smiling so adoringly

~ After Meryl Streep’s glasses were passed, from person to person, all the way up to the front of the room, the guy at the front didn’t even give them to her.

~ I think George Clooney is really a wonderful man – handsome, charming and witty.  And now I really want to see Michael Fassbender in Shame…no reason.

All in all, it wasn’t a great show – no great moments, no really spectacular looks, or funny/heartwarming speeches, and Ricky Gervais was neutered – but I still sat transfixed for 5 hours.  And will do so again in a couple of the months for the Oscars.

I am a sucker for punishment.

Though, by the looks of it, I enjoyed it WAY more than this guy…

seriously, dude, would it kill you to crack a smile?

*though there was a small damper on my mood by the complete and utter lack of love for Breaking Bad**

**but the love for Homeland almost made up for it***


0 thoughts on “pomp, pageantry, pj’s and popcorn

  1. I didn’t watch the awards shows (it competed with friends I had over, football, and Downton), but I’m so glad you took that picture of Colin. Yum. He gets better with age.

  2. I was so disappointed by Ricky. The best part was him asking Johnny Depp if he has seen the Tourist yet and Johnny knew it was coming, so…

    As for the awards I was really happy Homeland and Idris got some love. Not happy with Kelsey Grammar winning though. He’s creepy!

  3. Leonardo DiCaprio looks really old…which makes me feel really old.

    And while I was always a huge fan of Clare Danes, didn’t she steal Mary Louise Parker’s boyfriend when Mary was like 9 1/2 months pregnant? I don’t go for the boyfriend stealers. It’s also why Giselle and I can no longer be BFFs.

  4. This is great…you can watch these shows and provide the highlights the next day. It is the next best thing to being there–or watching them on my own telly. I have questions though….why was Madonna there? And why indeed is Leo looking so old? He’s younger than me and I know I don’t look that old (I am not saying that I don’t live in denial–just observing). ~~Bliss

  5. even though i only saw bits and pieces of the show, i have to say my favourite part was colin firth after he was introduced by ricky gervais. when he said “As I was walking in, I noticed some very religious people with big placards threatening us all with brimstone and pestilence and perdition for our sins. What they didn’t realize is, we have Ricky.” 😀 the man not only knows how to take it, but also to dish it out and looking damn fine at that 😉

  6. Leo totally was a stick in the mud, and I couldn’t believe how old Matt LaBlanc looked! Since when does he have gray hair!?

    Why did they even bother having Ricky host if they were going to cut him off at the knees? He wasn’t funny or charming, just irritating and drunk.

    I think Claire Danes should win Best Dressed. She looked stunning. SMG? Not so much. What the hell was she thinking wearing a blue tie dyed dress? Yuck.

    I agree with your assessments though. It was like waiting for a train wreck that would never come to fruition. Sort of like Y2K. *sigh* Oh well. At least I got some good recs for my Netflix queue.

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