are you what you wear?

I was doing some online shopping, taking advantage of the Boxing Day deals, when I decided to check out the lululemon website.

I love lululemon workout gear, but they are so obscenely expensive that I only allow myself to buy their clothes on sale.

They didn’t have any Boxing Day deals, but there was a section for items that aren’t selling well (different colours/patterns/sizes) and they were discounted to move.  I knew I wanted some new yoga pants, but I got a bit overwhelmed by the amount of different types they sell…

There’s the Lulu pant, the Astro pant, the Groove pant, the Wunder Under.  The Free pant, the Recognition pant, the Still pant and the Will pant.

And then there’s the crops and capris!

I can only tell so much by looking at the pictures, so I scrolled to the reviews to help me make my choice.  And while that did help make my decision easier, it also made me realize that people are insane!

The biggest complaint that I noticed in the reviews wasn’t about the fit, or the wear of the pants – it was that the logo had been moved from a prominent spot on the leg to the waistband.

Where no one could see it!


look at me!  i work out!

Why, on earth, would you actually choose to wear an article of clothing that nobody can instantly tell who made it/where you bought it*?

I don’t understand the need for people to drape themselves head to toe in logos…Coach, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or Givenchy.

Really, the fact that you wear a scarf, gloves, bag, wallet, tights and shoes covered with competing designer logos does not make me think that you are any better of a person.

Chances are, all it will do is make me shake my head and roll my eyes.

But I guess I am the rare woman who buys clothes because they are of a good quality and fit me well for, hopefully, a decent price and not so I can show off to everybody that I can afford a particular designer.  I actually care more about what is going in a person’s head or what comes out of their mouth than the name that is printed across their ass.

I like to wear lululemon because they really do make the very best workout gear and I wouldn’t care even if the logo were on the inside of the waistband!

But I guess that’s just me…

*insert sarcasm font here

5 thoughts on “are you what you wear?

  1. I HATE labels on clothes too. Who cares where you got it from? My friend came home with a Dooney & Burke purse a couple years back with the D & B logo plastered everywhere. I thought it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen- and I know that she spent at least $300 on it. Just give me something that fits well/looks good and I’m happy!

  2. I always wonder, with our economy in the trash can, whether those logo hunters are in debt because of it. And whether or not they complain about not having money as they adjust their Gucci watch.


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