posture correction week 9: correctus interruptus

I am off work for 2 weeks.

I can’t work out for 4 more.

Which means that by the time I re-visit my posture correction program with Rob, we would basically have to start again from scratch.

So we decided to cut the program short and do our final analysis this week.

I feel bad about the way this program went…not only am I bailing 3 weeks early (which, at 3 visits/week, is huge), but I have spent the last 5 weeks hungry, and weak, and tired, and in pain and crying.  So where I was giving it my best effort at the time, it was far my best.

Rob was continually modifying my workouts to something that I could actually do, he was forever making concessions for my lack of energy and strength and, even though he probably felt like he wasting his time with me, he never once made me feel bad about it.

But you’re not here to read my complaints and excuses, you’re here to see my results!


There are subtle differences in this before & after – in the before both my right hip and my right shoulder are slightly lower than the left and the after seems more level for both.  I also seem to be standing a bit taller – the after picture is set a bit higher, but if you look at the grid on the wall, my head is higher than in the before picture.  But, my centre still runs parallel to the actual the centre line – which means that my right side is still noticeably dominant over my left.


In the profile view, there is a definite improvement in the alignment of my upper body – my head and shoulders fall more in line with the centre.  And its hard to tell because my elbow is blocking it, but there is less of a sway to my low back – which means that my hips are no longer tilting forwards and down (you can even tell this by looking at the waistband of my shorts).  Unfortunately, my darn hips are still popping forward!  I think they are closer to the centre line than when I started, but still not where I hoped they’d be.

And my measurements:

Calf > before – 17″  after – 17″ = no change
Thigh > before – 24.5″ after – 24″ = down 1/2″
Glutes/Hips > before – 42.5″ after – 41.5″ = down 1″
Stomach > before – 37.5″ after – 36.5″ = down 1″
Chest > before – 42″ after – 42″ = no change
Arm > before – 14″ after – 12.5″ = down 1.5″
Neck > before – 15″ after – 14.5″ = down 1/2″

I have to say that I am very surprised by these results – I thought for sure I would see improvements in my posture and little to no change in my measurements.  And it turned out to be the opposite.

I am disappointed by the lack of outward, visual change in my posture, because I feel like I’ve made huge leaps towards correcting my alignment.  I feel like I am standing taller and walking taller.  I consciously straighten out the curve in my lower back and lean back into my heels – and yet, to look at me, that isn’t really coming across.

Maybe if we had done regular checks on my alignment, we would have been able to adjust my workouts depending on what part of my body was showing the greatest resistance/least improvement…

Maybe if we were able to finish the 3 month program…

Maybe if I were able to do more, to push harder, work out without crying…

Regardless of the “what-ifs”, Rob has given me a number of tools that I can incorporate into my daily workouts (when I can, once again, have daily workouts) that can help me continue towards proper alignment.  And I’ll be seeing him for massages and training, so he will be able to remind me to tighten my core.

But, thankfully, we are done with the video camera.

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