posture correction week 7: i’ve got a hunch

Just when I thought the hardest part of my posture correction was going to be getting my hips in line with the rest of my body, we started working on my shoulders.

And I realize that my hips were a piece of cake!

For the last couple of weeks, every training session and every massage has focused on getting my shoulders to fall back and away from my ears.  When I leave the gym, or the massage table, I feel better – great, in fact.  But the next time I walk back in through those doors, my shoulders have reverted to their naturally curved inward and shrugged position.

And it is really becoming quite irritating.

It seems that every exercise Rob asks me to do is not only difficult, but bordering on physically impossible.  Between the tingling and numbness in my hands, to my sore wrists, to my difficulty breathing, I just can’t seem to do anything!  But it’s that chronic hunch of my shoulders that is creating all of those other problems that are making the exercises to correct the hunch so difficult.

Sore wrists = tightness in my shoulders.  Tingling and numbness in my hands = tight muscles in my shoulders impinging the nerve that goes down my arm.  Difficulty breathing = tight muscles in my chest keeping my diaphragm from expanding fully.

So the best way to help all of those problems is to correct the tightness in my chest and shoulders which will also bring my shoulders into proper alignment, but I can’t fix that posture because all of those problems are preventing me from doing the work required for the correction.

It’s a never-ending loop of poor posture, pain and frustration.

And after we do a particularly painful uncomfortable exercise or stretch, and Rob tells me to move my arms and shoulders around – to shake them out and notice any differences – the thing I notice the most is just how good it feels to allow myself to re-curl into my preferred hunch.  And just like dating that bad boy high school, it hits me that doing the wrong thing feels so so right.

It’s a good thing Rob is determined – or I’m sure he would have given up on me as a hopeless case weeks ago.

Instead, he just keeps coming up with new ways for me to do the work required to stretch my pecs and strengthen my back without hurting my wrists or making my entire arms fall asleep.  Ways that make me believe that this might actually work, that I might not be a hopeless case after all.

By the time I leave after my work out and my massage, my shoulders feel a bit closer to where they are supposed to be.  I feel straighter, and taller and in less pain than when I walked in and I can actually notice an improvement.

Then I open the door and a cold blast of wind hits me and I unknowingly huddle over to protect myself from the chill.  I climb into bed and curl up into a ball on my side.  I go to work and hunch over my keyboard and lean into my computer.

And all that good work is erased.

So it seems that in order for me to maintain a properly aligned posture, along with working with Rob several times per week, I need to quit my job, move to Hawaii and lay on the beach all day.

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  1. If it’s for health purposes, and no other reason, then you should move to Hawaii. Sacrifices must be made.

    I have hunchy shoulders, too, and it makes shoulder exercises in the gym challenging. But I do try to focus on bringing my shoulders blades together and sucking in my abs when I walk.

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