posture correction week 3: who knew standing up straight was so hard?

When Rob from Complete Body Care gave me the pictures of my posture assessment, he told me to pin them up somewhere at home where I could look at them and be reminded of the changes I need to make.  

Which is a great idea, because I just don’t get to see myself in my underwear often enough.

But those pictures were taunting me – I could see what I needed to change; how I was out of alignment, but I had no idea what to do to make those changes happen.

I brought this up to Rob after one of our sessions and told him that I was worried I wouldn’t ever be posturally perfect because I had no idea what that even felt like.  Obviously, what feels right to me is very very wrong.

So Rob stood me sideways in front of a mirror and started to position my body into proper alignment.

Then he had to prop me up to keep me from tipping over.

I looked in the mirror, and its true, I looked like I was perfectly aligned, but I felt like I was leaning back.  Way back.  So far back that if Rob removed his hand from my lower back, I would have fallen over.

So this was what standing up straight feels like…

It feels weird.

But then, as I grew accustomed to the weirdness, I noticed some other things going on…my butt and my legs were starting to burn from keeping my pelvis level, I was starting to cramp up between my shoulder blades from pulling my shoulders down and back, and my stomach was quivering with fatigue from initiating a constant crunch.

That’s when I realized that just standing up straight is going to take a lot of effort.

I asked Rob if it gets easier; if after our 3 months are up and the tight muscles pulling me out of alignment are tamed, and the weak muscles that can’t support me are toughened, will this just come naturally.

Always honest, even if I am craving a sugar-coating, Rob told me that it will definitely help but that, ultimately, it will be up to me to consciously remember to hold this posture.

That’s great.

Some days I can barely consciously remember to hold a hairbrush.

But, in an effort to redefine what “normal” feels like for my body, I have been doing my best to remember to stand straighter, but every new thing that I have to remember causes me to forget something else:

Remember to keep my weight in my heels.  There goes my anniversary.

Remember to drop my tailbone and tilt my pelvis.  What first kiss?

Remember to keep my shoulders down and back.  Say goodbye to my pets’ names.

Remember to keep my stomach tight and not stick out my chest.  What’s a fojoy?

Hopefully Rob doesn’t give me too much more to remember because I don’t think Wilzie will be too impressed if I keep calling him “Dude” because I can’t remember his name…

am I standing up straight right now?

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0 thoughts on “posture correction week 3: who knew standing up straight was so hard?

  1. Starting to come to some of the same conclusions after my session yesterday. Apparently wearing your shoulders around your ears is not a fashion statement…who knew. I’m trying to remember to keep them down. No idea what standing up straight feels like yet, maybe some day I will get there as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Can you ask Rob something? How the heck did we all get so twisted up? well our postures anyway? Is it a product of our work going from what used to be physical labour to just sitting around all day staring at screen?

    1. Pretty much just that; we live in a land of “cubicle T-Rex’s” and the repetitive nature of our jobs can affect us in negative ways. Why is it that almost all office workers come and see me with nearly identical complaints of neck and shoulder pain accompanied with headaches? It’s because humans are designed to move in an upright standing position.

      If I had my way offices would have workstations that could transition from standing to sitting, like that of a draftsman’s desk. That and there would be no more high heels in the work place. All the women I talk to that wear them know that they are a killer to their feet but they are willing to sacrifice their comfort and posture for image. That makes no sense to me at all.

      So to answer your question, our society has evolved from a manual labor society to more of an age of information exchange and data analysis. We have become more sedentary and everything in our lives is made for more and more convenience…even if it’s not really benefiting us in the big picture of things.

      I kind of have conversational diarrhea when it comes to this stuff.

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