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When Wilzie and I first set foot in San Francisco 4 years ago, a couple of foodies were born.

Up until that point, we were more than happy to live on pre-packaged, over-processed meals and McDonald’s.  But in San Francisco we were introduced to the wonder that is fresh, locally produced food, and we never looked back.

The heart of this change, for us, was the San Francisco Ferry Building.

The Ferry Building is a magical place where you can get everything from olive oil to a salumi cone to lemon shortbread cookies (they even have burgers, if you are looking for something a little more heart-clogging).  And twice a week they have a huge farmer’s market outside with the most amazing fresh produce.

We have visited San Francisco a couple more times since that first, fateful trip – and we have each developed our favourite places within my favourite place on earth:

While most people who travel to Northern California pick up different wines to bring home, Wilzie and I cram our suitcases with olive oil from Stonehouse.  Stonehouse oil is good enough to drink, and they make it in different flavours like persian lime, garlic, blood orange and meyer lemon.

Wilzie, being the Baconhound, loves Boccalone.  This salumeria by Chris Cosentino, proudly touts its slogan: Tasty Salted Pig Parts.  Can you imagine a more perfect place for Wilzie?

Boccalone’s (in)famous salumi cone…a cone of meat

excited to dig in to his pig parts

But my most favouritest place in my most favouritest place on earth is the Miette Patisserie.  Every time I visit San Francisco, I treat myself to the goodies at Miette, and every visit, I discover some new taste sensation.

so much tastiness all in one case

My first visit, I got hooked on the lemon shortbread cookies (though the chocolate sable cookies are nothing to sneeze at either) – buttery, lemony squares that melt in your mouth.


The last time I visited San Francisco, I became obsessed with their chocolate pot de creme – a tiny (microscopic, really) little jar filled with the most wonderful chocolate pudding-y mousse and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

It doesn’t sound like much, I know, but it. is. amazing.  I don’t know what they do with that chocolate to make is so gosh-darn yummy, but I even bought myself a special pot de creme spoon so I can get every last bit of that chocolate*.

what to try next?

On this trip (thankfully not until the last day of this trip, or else I very well might have bankrupt us) I discovered their ice cream sandwiches and their fleur de sel caramels.  Apparently their macarons are also to die for, but that will have to wait for our next visit – I already have enough vices at Miette for now.

sshh…no talk, just chocolate

I’m already checking for flight sales so I can get back to try the lemon curd tart.

*And then if no one is looking, I will swirl my tongue around inside the jar like an ant-eater

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  1. I love how you keep educating me on my own area! I’m going to have to go there just for the oils and caramel goodness. I also need to see if I can make lemon shortbread cookies (my reg shortbreads are a holiday family favorite).

  2. I love love love San Francisco. I once took Eldest with me, as a mom/daughter getaway. Coming up of BART we walked up into the sunshine… and into the middle of a Gay Pride parade. Eldest goes: “Look Mama, look! There’s REAL fairies! And they’re DANCING!!”

    I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was just drunk men in tights and fairy wings.

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