here we go again

Could it be?  Another change to my infamous List?

What can I say?  I am fickle and my taste in celeb freebies can change like the wind.

But I have made a decision…I am letting go of the List!  No more freebie 5!

Good-bye, you sexy beasts, it was nice imagining getting to know you.

Once I caressed the bulging bicep of my long-time #1 – Nathan Fillion, My Luvah – I realized the idea of a list was just silly*.

BUT…that does not mean that I don’t still have celebrity crushes.

Because, boy-oh-boy, do I!

My latest crush is Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad.

If you don’t watch Breaking Bad…I’m sorry.  I am really, deeply sorry that you don’t have the good sense to watch the absolute-without-question best show on TV.

Seriously.  I feel bad for you**.

And, in my opinion, Aaron Paul is the best actor on that show.

Maybe not just my opinion…I mean, he did win the Emmy last year for Best Supporting Actor…beating out, among others, John Slattery (Mad Men) and both Terry O’Quinn & Michael Emerson (Lost).  And at the time, because I was terribly misguided and wasn’t watching the absolute-without-question best show on TV, I was PISSED.

But now I see.

The depth that Aaron Paul brings to a role that could have so easily been the typical stoner/deadbeat takes my breath away.  He has lifted this role from your low-life, corner dealer to the emotional core of the show, and it will break your heart to watch him lay naked (emotionally, dammit), and bare his soul.  He plays that part with a truthfulness and vulnerability that I don’t see much, and he lets it all show on his face.

His super-sexy face…

I have to assume that this is the reason that I am so enamoured with him – respect for his talent – because there really isn’t much about his character – Jesse Pinkman – that even comes close to resembling my type.  He plays a strung-out, meth-head, (recovering?) junkie.  A scrawny, punk-ass kid (not really a kid, Aaron Paul is actually 32***) with no direction.


But there’s just something about him that I find irrisistable…maybe its those big, blue eyes.  Maybe its the tough-guy exterior that I’m sure I could chip away at to get to his hidden a soft, sweet centre.  Maybe it takes me back to my youth when I was so attracted to the bad boy that I was sure I could change.


Whatever it is, Aaron Paul is my new celebrity crush.

*Ok, so it was more the constant changing and re-prioritizing and adding and removing and switching of the List that made me realize that keeping a hard and fast (HA!) list just wasn’t for me.

**Pay no attention to the fact that I just started watching it over the last few months myself

***Not that I have spent countless hours Google/Wiki/IMDB-ing him in an effort to learn every single thing about him

0 thoughts on “here we go again

  1. He looks better with hair.

    And I agree that the keeping of a list is difficult. Partly because I’m fickle and partly because there are just too many boys out there to be limited to 5.

  2. Ok, so I haven’t started watching it because there’s so many shows I currently watch and with fall coming up that’s probably going to triple. BUT, it is on my list. I just have a hard time watching whats-his-butt without seeing Malcolm in the Middle which then takes me to Freddie Munez, and, well. Boner Killer. So maybe I’ll just look at pictures of Aaron Paul instead.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Breaking Bad. I need to catch up on the last two episodes- which would have be nice to do this weekend if the power hadn’t of gone out!

  4. I am really digging him with the shaved head. He just looked too much like a junkie with the hair and his baggy hoodie and pants. Looking forward to where he is going for the rest of the season.

  5. I did not know about him until 3 nights ago – that’s when I started watching Breaking Bad.

    To answer the question what it is about him – I guess it is his body height or rather his not-so-high-body height. Shorter guys tend to be crush-worthy-cute. Like Michael in Arrested Development (please don’t hit me for that crush!)

    Enjoy your crush!

    The show is really special – tough as the Sopranos but lacking the luxury and french manicure. Really tough but very, very fascinating and exceptionally well written!

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