i am fashionably challenged

The wonderful Bliss from Stepping My Way to Bliss has tagged me with a fashion challenge.

I am honoured…and a little afraid for her to find out that my idea of “fashion” is wearing a cardigan to hide a ketchup stain on my t-shirt.

Regardless, I will do my best to answer the questions:

1.  What International Brands would you like to try on and why?

Is “j. crew” an international brand?

2.  If you received something you didn’t like what would you say to that person?

I would plaster a huge, fake grin on my face and say “thank you so much…” before carefully placing the item aside and never mentioning it again.

This is a look my Dad has seen a lot.

3.  Do you prefer giving or receiving?

I definitely prefer giving.  It saves me from making the aforementioned fake smiley face.

4.  Do brands influence you when you buy something?

I have close to zero brand loyalty.

What does influence me is when something makes me squeal, “Ooooh, pretty!”

Oooh pretty…

5.  From 0-5, say what you think about the blog that tagged you

Bliss is so much closer to a 5-0 than to an 0-5.  She is way too awesome to read my blog, but she does anyway.

6.  Your wish list?

the perfect trench coat

the perfect black pump

a metal cuff bracelet

riding boots that fit over my calves

shoes that are as comfortable as they are cute

a 50’s style party dress

this guy (not fashion related, but still on my wish list…)

And now to pass this tag on to a few other fashionistsas – Shana, Allyson, Jayme, and Val.

I look forward to your answers, Ladies!

0 thoughts on “i am fashionably challenged

  1. I want everything on your wishlist, too, ESPECIALLY the riding boots that fit over my calves. Have you tried Frye’s? They’re not too bad…

    J. Crew is an international brand – their clothes are made in China. :-)

  2. You did it! I love it. Thank you for your sweet comments too. I am totally lusting after that red dress too…and those ruffle shoes absolutely make me say “oh pretty!”. XxBliss

  3. I would love to have those black pumps and also the ability to walk in them without dying. My dream is that all boots suddenly become slightly larger in the calf and I don’t have to go around looking for the extended calf version.

  4. Oh my God…that dress. I freaking love it. If you find it, please get one for me too!

    Thanks for tagging me…I hope my fashion challenged self doesn’t disappoint you.

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