indulgent? indeed!

Somedays, you can run all you want on the treadmill and it won’t make a dent into your caloric intake for the day.

Monday was one of those days.

Wilzie scored us last-minute tickets to possibly the best event ever – Indulgence Edmonton 2011 – and though I worked my butt off at the gym, I might as well have taken a nap for all the good it did me.

Indulgence is a collection of some of the city’s finest restaurants, working with local farmers & producers and pairing with Canadian wineries to provide discerning diners an opportunity to shove yummy food + drink down their gullets.

When we walked into the banquet room, we were greeted by station after station (20 in total) of glorious food and wine, and I may have gotten a little light-headed with the anticipation.  We grabbed our wine glasses and RAN casually made our way to the station closest to the door – LUX steakhouse + bar.

They were serving watermelon, toasted sesame, Hog Wild boar bacon, micro cilantro and honey citrus vinaigrette.

Essentially it was a big-ass, thick slice of bacon on a round of watermelon.

I do not enjoy watermelon, but the fruit really helped cut the richness of the bacon, and it was SO GOOD!  We quickly downed the 2008 Averill Creek Pinot Gris that was paired with it and RAN wandered to the next station – Niche Restaurant where we picked up the Tangle Ridge lamb meatball with fried kale, slow roast tomato sauce and pecorino cheese.

It was so simple, a meatball in a pool of tomato sauce, but it was SO GOOD (are you sensing a theme here?)!  The meatball was juicy and tender with no bits of gristle, and the sauce was so sweet and fresh I could’ve drank it from my wineglass (but I didn’t, I chose the recommended  2006 Desert Hills Mirage instead).

Feeling flush from the fatty goodness (and wine) flowing through our veins, we RAN meandered over to another station – d’Lish Urban Kitchen and Wine Bar to sample their Flat breads with O Sol’ Meatos pepper salami and black current sheep fresco cheese from the Cheesiry.

This was our first (of only a few) “Blech” of the night.  The flatbread seemed week day old, so regardless of the tasty saltiness of the salami slice with the creamy dollop of  fruit-infused cheese, we couldn’t focus on anything but the dry, chewy base.  Thankfully we washed it down with a 2007 Kettle Valley Malbec.

I won’t torture you with the details of all 20 (TWENTY) food and wine tables that we visited (yes, God forgive me, we are complete gluttons), but there were definite highlights – the cayenne-braised Belle Valley Farms alpaca with Gull Valley piperade and reisling-chive emulsion* from TZiN Wine & Tapas.

*I have no idea what half of that is, but all I know is I ate alpaca and it was delicious!

And there were lows – the rustic agnolotti with Nature’s Green Acres beef shank-braised in a red wine stock and bathed in a cream and oyster mushroom sauce-topped with a dusting of pecorino cheese** from 4th and Vine Wine Bar and Bistro.

**This is what it said on the menu, but they were actually serving braised beef sliders, and they weren’t very good.

After almost 2 hours of RUNNING wandering around, we made our way to the Red Ox Inn – this is our favourite restaurant in the city; it is amazing, and our destination for most of our “fancy-pants” celebration dinners, so we were saving the best for last…

As we waited in line for the slow-braised Irvings Farm Fresh pork shoulder on carrot risotto cake with citrus jam I started to feel ill.

Like “Oh-my-God-I-just-ate-19-small-plates-of-food-and-19-ounces-of-various-whites-reds-and rosee-wines-and-my-stomach-is-protesting-the-overload-of-fat-grams” ill.

I maybe should have refrained from shovelling in my second helping of Berry Ridge Orchard saskatoon berry and black pepper cheesecake, saskatoon spaghetti and coulis, almond brittle crumblespun sugar from Madison’s Grill on our way to the Red Ox’s station…

We collected our plates, and I told Wilzie that I needed to sit down – the combination of the wine and the high-fat content was definitely starting to get to me.  I managed 2 bites of my so-good-it-makes-me-sad-we-saved-it-for-last-and-I-couldn’t-really-enjoy-it pork & risotto before handing it over to Wilzie with a whimper.

It was at that point that my tummy told me that I needed to get home, take off my now-much-too-tight dress and vomit relax.  Which I totally did.

But not before grabbing another cheesecake and a couple of helpings of Nougat for the road!

+++Apologies for no food-porn, but we were far too busy scarfing down everything in sight to take pictures, and didn’t even think to pull out the camera until I was far to drunk to get a steady shot.  Though I did manage to get this the next day…

The nougat I managed to grab on our way out the door – a perfect when-I-feel-less-full snack…so good

0 thoughts on “indulgent? indeed!

  1. That sounds so fun! And so rich….my stomach would have been doing flip-flops. I don’t think I could even sleep with all those different ingredients!
    Good call on the nougat. I love Italian white nougat with pistachios….

  2. So this reminds me of 2 events…
    1. The Heard it Through the Grapevine event that benefits our local radio station. You have 2 hours to drink an unlimited amount of alcohol and eat from all of the local restaurants’ booths. Neal ate his weight in red meat and I drank my way through the meal. He had to pull over on the way home so I could purge my $75 dinner of bourbon. It was a bad night.

    2. The auction at the Aviation Museum on base last year. Again with the local chefs and again with the time limit on free alcohol. I managed to keep it all in this time, but I got full on watered-down cherry vodka coke and Neal got full on everything buttered, braised and drowning in chocolate sauce. Someday I’m going to learn my lesson.

    Cheers to you and your 19 plates of food. You are the perfect match for Wilzie.

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