vajazzling makes them pretty, but who keeps them safe?

Its Wilzie’s favourite time of year again – The Underwear Affair – a charity event that raises money to fight cancers “below the belt”.  These are the cancers that don’t get a lot of press because they deal with your naughty-parts, and for some reason, people are embarrassed to talk about their naughty-bits…which leads them to get ignored.

VAGINA!  Ovaries, uterus, testes, anus, rectum, penis!

No embarrassment here.  And not at the Underwear Affair either – where there is open acknowledgement that we all have parts  down there, and that they need our attention too.

You already know that my Mom passed away, some of you already know the gory details:  She had stage 4 melanoma – which isn’t necessarily a naughty-parts cancer, but it metastasized in her colon, then proceeded to grow until the tumor had nowhere else to go and pushed its way out her rectum.  Then it went on to infect all of her other organs, including her brain and not 5 months after her diagnosis, she died.  Due to the sensitive nature of the area, the radiation treatment often caused her more pain than the tumour itself.

Cancer of the naughty-parts is ugly and gross and embarrassing to talk about, but people need to know about it, and something needs to be done.

Don’t get me wrong, ALL types of cancer are horrible, and we need to do everything we can to eradicate this disease in it’s every imaginable form.  Wilzie’s mother passed away a few years ago from breast cancer (after already beating it twice) and we do a lot of volunteer work for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as well – but the naughty-parts cancers is like breast cancer’s ugly step-sister that sits in the shadows and everyone ignores, but still needs all the attention and support we can give.

This event on Saturday (June 18) supports the fight against underfunded cancers like prostate, ovarian and colorectal – because like the website says, there’s “no shame in bringing a little awareness to down there-ness”.   And as you know – I have no shame.  Thankfully, neither do a lot of the participants – which, I think, is the main reason this is Wilzie’s favourite time of year.  He can talk all he wants about benefiting “the cause”, but really, he just likes to ogle the women in their underthings (although he’s not too crazy about the guys sporting tiny briefs and man-kinis).

My niece, Kayla, is running in the Underwear Affair for her third year in a row.  She has worked really hard, both in the gym, and on the fundraising side.  Her goal was to raise $1000, and she hit that mark last week, but there is still a week left to donate.  If you are interested in making a donation to Kayla’s run,  please click here.

Kayla and her beau at last year’s affair

Every little bit helps.

I am not really a fan of asking for money but, as usual, this is the exception – I have seen the difference that cancer research can make.  A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and after getting a couple of pieces of my lady-flower cut out and a couple of days off work, I was good as new.  When my Mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer in her 30’s, she had to have a hysterectomy.

Thank you, Research, for letting me keep all of my lady-bits.

Big leaps come from research,which can only happen with funding, which the naughty-parts cancers don’t get a lot of.  We can work together to change that.

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  1. That looks like an awesome cause. And it really is true about the research being so important. There are things that happened a couple years ago that have effected my mom’s breast cancer treatments in positive ways so I know how important it is.

  2. As someone who’s had the fabulous leap procedure done (ugh, ow and not at all fabulous) and will also have to be checked regularly for cancer for the rest of my life, I thank you for putting this out there! Below the belt needs lovin too!

  3. My great-grandmother died from cervical cancer. My mother had a hysterectomy three years ago where they found the genesis of cancer cells. Here’s to research and praying that all I’ll need is a “snip-snip, out-you-go” procedure if/when my time comes.

  4. A) That event looks like a lot of fun and VERY effective!! I wish it would make its way down here.
    B) As long as there is equal-opportunity exposing, I am all over that. Even if it is in a man-kini.
    C) Thank you for reminding me that I’m way overdue on my pap.

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