25 things that bring me joy

> the smell of a rainstorm

> compiling the perfect playlist on my iPod

> broadway musicals (great to do renos to)

> my cat’s loving gaze

> getting a ride to/from work so I don’t have to take the bus

> the warm (but not too hot) sun on my face

> wasting away the weekend mornings, laying in bed cuddling with wilzie

> finishing a long-ignored task around the house

> being OK with my natural (greying) hair colour

> my cell phone (even though I rarely use the “phone”)

> green tea ginger ale

> travelling to new (and old favourite) places

> returning home after a trip, to sleep in my own bed and love my dog and cat

> a new pair of shoes

> a comfy, already-broken-in pair of shoes

> my neighbour staying inside her house

> chocolate

> feeling tired and sore after a work out

> my post work-out Twizzlers.  Super Nibs, actually.  3, to be exact.

> maple lattes

> having someone in my life that i can completely be myself with and knowing that he will love me regardless

> seeing a dog hanging their head out of the window of a car

> lists, spreadsheets and colour coding

> nathan fillion, my luvah

> watching my pup eat her evening treat

> travelling.  anywhere.  with wilzie.

And one more…

> all of your comments on my blog

Now its your turn – what brings you joy?

0 thoughts on “25 things that bring me joy

  1. Nice Post. I’m going to go with waking up in the morning and realizing it’s Saturday and not say….Monday like it is today.

  2. Great list…
    On my list, I would have:

    – a great night’s sleep

    – foreign movies

    – cuddling with my doggies

    – when my husband tells me I look pretty

    – an engrossing book

    – fresh strawberries

    – clean sheets

    – when my fat jeans are too big to wear

    – watching birds in my backyard

    – reading terrific blog posts….like yours!

  3. Fran’s sea salt chocolate caramels
    Memories of husband playing with my frou-frou cat
    A hamburger of unmatched awesomeness
    Napping with husband; he is cuddly and warm
    Raspberries, peaches, or strawberries with heavy cream
    Homegrown tomatoes and flaked sea salt
    Being naughty and watching the Kardashians
    Colin Firth
    A Dostoevsky novel
    Snarky comments imbedded in The Economist
    Cream-colored roses

  4. Every time I see Nathan Fillion’s name on here the twinge of jealousy hits me hard. I think you need to come to Sac and bring our boyfriend with you.

  5. Marvelous list. I don’t think I could add much to it. Especially with the chocolate (and substituting my cat for your cat and my honey for your honey). So I’ll add:

    –a stash of Rodinal film developer
    –the feel of a Hasselblad in hand
    –an Hermes bag
    –and a big hat

  6. my joy list (in no particular order and just off the top of my head):

    * going to a new restaurant
    * going to a favourite restaurant
    * eating pistachio ice cream
    * having an in depth conversation with my beloved – aka hug-asaur
    * when my hug-asaur makes me laugh
    * our kitties – Merlin, Beans, and Minerva (who is very much missed)
    * spending time with my family and friends
    * snowboarding in fresh powder (specially in jasper’s marmot basin)
    * watching hockey with my hug-asaur and the two kitties
    * reading fojoyisannoyed.com

  7. When I get all caught up on my Google Reader, I am going to do a top 25 list because just reading them brings me joy. I also need to do my 101 in 1001 because I did some of them in NY. Is it cheating if I put it on the list after I have done it?

    And there’s no 5 Guys on that list. I think you need #26…

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