you’re always on my mind, in my heart, in my soul…in award form!

I was honored when Beth over at In My World named me as one of the bloggers that inspire her, even if I wasn’t entirely sure why…

In my past, I have inspired people to sigh in exasperation.

I have motivated people to drum their fingers and look around the room in an awkward pause.

I have even prompted people to fall asleep mid-conversation.

So, as honored as I was by Beth’s claim, I feel need to point out what a truly inspirational blogger looks like*…

Is it wrong that I want to start singing the Best of “Chicago”

Shana @ Fumbling Towards Normalcy inspires me to embrace my true, annoyed self.

Rebekah @ Cupcake Caramel inspires me to live la vie en francais.

Jayme @ Random Blogette inspires me to try new things and to love me for who I am.

JM @ Making Stuff is Fun inspires to make neat stuff.

Hutch @ Be Awesome Instead inspires me to, duh, be totally awesome.

Amy Lynne @ PBJ Dreamer inspires me to be grateful for the little things even when life is kicking me in the teeth.

Aesthetic Alterations inspires me to be stylish.

And last, but certainly not least:

Ally @ 400 Wake-ups inspires me to be strong.

*This list does not include Adrienne or Bliss – though I do find them both wonderful and they each inspire me to smile – because Beth mentioned them both already.  And it also doesn’t include Beth herself whose honesty and faith inspires me every day.

Thanks Beth, for including me in your list.  And to those bloggers that I mentioned above, feel free to pass this on to others that inspire you…or not.

Just know that you all inspire me to be better in some way.

0 thoughts on “you’re always on my mind, in my heart, in my soul…in award form!

  1. Ha, thanks. I did not know I was an inspiration. You inspire me to feel that it’s ok to be annoyed a lot. Which I am.

  2. wow….you like me? You really like me?


    I love your blog and love it even more when you are annoyed because you write your annoyances in such entertaining form!

    that is all

  3. You inspire me, too! Thank you!

    Just because you like shoes and bags and sparkly things doesn’t mean you can’t be sarcastic and sardonic, right?

  4. This is awesome. You inspire me too. You inspire me to attack a home reno like I’m trying to land a spot on Flip This House. You inspire me to embrace trends. You inspire me to aspire to meet my #1. Hello?? George Clooney? I’m OMW! Thank you darling. xoxo

  5. The first time I read this, Ally and I were in the bra store and I was emailing you photos of lacy underwear. Then I read this and I got all teary…because I felt so honored to be included on that list. And also, because you, at that very minute, were inspiring me to embrace the silliness. Also…watching you put yourself out there every day, knowing it’s not easy for you to do, inspires me to do the same. You’re the best. xoxo

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