ww – ta da! my kitchen

I’m sure you’ve all grown weary hearing about the renovations to get my house market-ready – Lord knows I am getting damn tired of doing them.  But, at last, I can report some definite progress…my kitchen is (mostly) done.

We still have to finish the transitions on the new floor, and we are getting new taps for the sink and touching up all the scratches and gouges that Wilzie already put into my freshly painted walls, but other than that…DONE!

Behold…the transformation:

Before – Our bright, sunny yellow kitchen (and my nosy husband)

After – We moved the fridge to the opposite wall (along the left wall), pushed the dishwasher next to it and installed a hanging cabinet as well as a free-standing “island” to create more usable cupboard and counter space (and my nosy pup)

Before – Our ketchup and mustard cupboards and roll-away dishwasher

After – We cut, sanded and painted new cupboard doors to replace the old doors that hung askew and never really closed properly.  We also replaced the roman shades with cordless blinds.

Before – Our old linoleum and rusty brass vents that were crushed and misshapen from rolling the dishwasher back and forth over them on its way to the sink

After – our new “fibre” floor (fancy linoleum) and new, un-crushed vents

Before – This old, scarred and battered linoleum used to be hidden under the fridge (out of sight, out of mind)

After – scar-free (so far) floor for all to see (its not really as orange-y as it appears in this picture.  The above pic with the vents in a more true representation)

After – With everything we’ve done, this is (oddly) my favourite change.  This was originally covered with a tiny ketchup/mustard cupboard door, and it was chock-full of spice bottles.  I removed the door, painted the inside “Watermark” to match the walls and now use it is a showplace for my Mom’s antique teapot.

So…that’s my kitchen – still small but, hopefully, more open and airy and less claustrophobic.

And now I can rest.

Until next weekend when we continue the new flooring into the hallway.

14 thoughts on “ww – ta da! my kitchen

  1. It looks FABULOUS! Much, much better. We did a similar overhaul of the kitchen in our previous house. I remember we had 22 cabinets. Why? Because each door was pulled off, sanded, trimmed, painted and new hardware added–it felt like it took forever but I loved the finished product (I still miss my old kitchen even though I like the one I have now). My daughter and her roommate recently painted their kitchen the same exact colors you had in your before pics. It was suppose to be “mediterranean” (????????????). I gently told her it looked like Ronald McDonald had thrown up in it. But they liked it.

  2. wow

    Maybe you should do “make ready” for other people as a service.

    It looks amazing–seriously–WOW

    Love the little cupboard with the teapot.

    that is all

  3. Oh my gosh your kitchen looks AMAZING!!!! Buyers are going to LOVE the changes that you made. It looks like it opens up the room too. Congrats on your hard work!!

  4. I swear that this morning I was thinking “Gee, I wonder how the kitchen is coming along”. You guys did a fantastic job and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that floor!

  5. Awesome job! Buyers like neutral colors, and showing lots of stainless and bamboo is not only trendy but soothing. I especially like the island. My gosh, you did a ton of work!

    Oh, I found a Five Guys yesterday when driving around with my husband. I told him I have a reliable source extolling the virtues and greasiness of the burgers. It’s on our schedule for next week.

  6. Are you sure you guys want to sell? Your kitchen looks awesome…..I especially like the flooring. Huge improvement.

  7. This. is seriously, SERIOUSLY impressive!! You absolutely had to have a vision to get there. And I love the colors and the “clean” look of it all. And yes my favorite (“u” is optional, right?) part of it is the peek-a-boo shelf with the tea pot. That is absolutely precious. I love what you guys did and while I liked the sunny of the yellow kitchen, I really think the new color and new floor opened it up a lot. This place is going to sell like hotcakes!

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