did someone say shopping spree? (that may have been me…)

So yeah…it is now officially Lent (a month late, but whatever).

I want to thank you all for your suggestions on what I should give up for this most depressing holiest of times.  It was a difficult decision, but I have finally made up my mind…

Bye bye Shopping.*

*Of only non-essential items, of course.  If I believe something to be *cough cough* “essential”, then I will not hesitate in buying it.  And should I falter and give in to my shoe fetish in the next 6 weeks, I will take Ally’s advice and donate the same amount of my purchase to charity.

And just when I thought I was doing this grand gesture, giving up a MAJOR (according to Wilzie) habit, my Ninja told me that she is giving up eating out** for all of Lent.  Now that would be hard!

**in restaurants – this is not, as Wilzie hoped thought, a “lesbian thing”.

In the last little while, as I felt the weight of Lent looming, I may have done my share of shopping (and your share, and yours…).  It is all still within the confines of my new Year’s resolution to only buy something if it is exactly what I want and its 100% perfect – I just seem to have found a lot of perfection lately.

When I visited the Coach store a couple of months ago, I also got wristlet.  I love my wristlet.  When I don’t feel like lugging around my purse, I can just grab my wristlet.  I keep all of my necessities in it (some cash, lip gloss, my phone and, of course, credit cards) but there was no place to hold change.  And I can not have change jingling around loose.   The problem was finding a coin purse small enough to fit in my wristlet with all of my other essentials.  After searching store after store from here to Palm Springs, I finally found this pretty on Etsy.  It fits perfectly!

I got new pair of super comfy flip-flops from Feelgoodz.  Granted, I didn’t exactly need these, but they were on sale, and this is a purchase that I know I would have made when the weather warmed up anyway.  So it just made sense to snap them up at 1/2 price.  Perfectly sensible.

So you all know I love my Coach bag, but I am also obsessive compulsive with my rituals habits.  In the winter, I do not carry a handbag.  I do not carry a shoulder bag.  I carry an across-the-body, messenger-type bag.  I got such a bag last year for winter, and its acceptable.  But it’s very tall and narrow, which makes it difficult to shove things in or get things out.  So I’ve been keeping my eye out for a better option – not aggressively looking, just being aware of what’s around me.  And I have become aware that there aren’t a lot of across-the-body bags with multiple outer pockets that aren’t as thin as this season’s crop of America’s Next Top Model.  But then while window shopping at lunch, I found this.  Unexpectedly perfect!

A co-worker came into the office the office wearing the most beautiful pair of ruby-red mary-janes.  When I asked if I could just sit in her office and stare at them, she thought that might be a bit creepy.  So I went and bought a pair of my own (in black, natch…I wouldn’t want it to look like I was, you know, copying her).  Seriously…so perfect.

Image via Sofft Shoes

While I was home with my dry, infected wisdom tooth socket, I made the mistake of tuning in to the Shopping Channel.  It certainly wasn’t with the intention of buying anything, I just find it very soothing to nap to.  But when I woke up, they were shilling a jewellery organizer – and holy moly, it was everything I didn’t know I needed.  This was an impulse buy, but when it arrived and I placed all of my jewellery into the slots, it was…wonderful.  Not only completely useful – I can keep all of my jewellery organized in one place, and its made of a material that resists tarnishing – but with separate pockets for each piece, it totally appeals to my OCD Virgo-ness.  Perfectly organized.

my folded-up organizer

opened up

And the pièce de résistance – the purchase I am most excited about, and the reason I decided to get the jewellery organizer in the first place…

Better pics can be found on Ally’s website

Over Christmas I won a $50 gift certificate from Daisy and Elm, and Ally has been working directly with me to create these pieces of utter gorgeous-ness.  It has been a terrific experience – I am not a jewellery designer, by any stretch of the imagination, but Ally listened carefully to what I wanted and constructed each piece based on my specifications.  And when she was done and sent me pictures of the finished products, I didn’t like them.  But because Ally is so awesome and patient and a wonderful designer, she reworked them came back with pieces better than what I wanted.  Perfect.

Now that I got all that shopping out of my system*, I can buckle down for Lent.  Let’s just hope I can control my Groupon addiction…massages and pedicures are essential, aren’t they?

*I may have also went a bit crazy on iTunes last night after indulging in a meal of gourmet pancakes (thanks Wilzie) and bacon.

14 thoughts on “did someone say shopping spree? (that may have been me…)

  1. Hey Auntie,

    I am in love with your jewelry organizer! That is so perfect, where can I get one?
    If I couldn’t buy any Groupons I think I would go crazy! I’m going to use my Salon Front one next week. Last night I just spent $60 on salon shampoo and a repairing lotion. That’s my shopping for a while, but my hair has never been softer!

  2. Oooh I really like that last necklace. I kind of suck at giving up stuff for Lent. I try but usually I fail or give up something really easy that I don’t usually use anyways.

    1. I used to give up cursing every year, which was hard. But I would put a quarter in a jar every time a swore and then donate it to charity.
      The last couple of years, I am really trying to chellenge myself though….

  3. This is the first year I didn’t go crazy and pig out the weekend before lent started. I’m kind of sads.

    I love your “sacrifice” though! My problem is Target. Everytime I go in there I find something else I didn’t realize I actually needed!

  4. There is no way I could give up cursing. First…it’s too much fun. Second…J drives me nuts sometimes and I need a retaliation.

    Good luck with the shopping ban.

    I’m so jealous of your hot mess necklace. I haven’t gotten mine yet and I need to send Ally a gentle reminder before I die of my jealousy.

  5. Great job on the jewelry design. I really like the drop down pearly necklace. And sofft is one of my favorite shoe lines. I have pair of strappy black heels that I wear all the time during warm weather. Their shoes are very comfortable. And your mary janes are sassy!

    Good luck with your shopping-less Lent!

    1. It was really all Ally, she is quite the artist – but thanks!
      I have to admit that I was browsing the Sofft website last night, but that will have to wait for 40 days now…

  6. I’m echoing other lovely ladies–the jewelry organizer and jewelry are beautiful! I particularly like the single stand of pearls–how it flows down the chest and points directly to the goodies. I need one!

  7. I SOOO in love with this post…not just because you are giving me MAD props and now I feel like I need to slip a little something extra back in your bracelet box…but also because you and Shana do this thing that is amazing…I never know that I need something until I see you all with it. For example, I never knew that I NEEEED a pair of black heeled mary janes but now I see that I need them. Like yesterday. And also…that across-the-body is fabulous!! I love my new Coach across-the-body, but you’re right…I’m really pushing it to fit phone, credit cards, keys, lip gloss, tampons, and iPod all in there at once. And I always have a notebook with me for jotting ideas and notes…that would never fit in there. Clearly, I need that bag. I am so glad that I didn’t give up shopping for Lent!!

    Seriously, thanks for the shout-out, love!! I really appreciate it and it was a pleasure to design jewelry that you will love for years to come. I just gotta sturdy it up a bit. :)

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