top ten tuesday – hockey for perverts

Sometimes, when I am listening to the running commentary during a hockey game I can’t help but giggle (because I am a child) at some of the phrases the announcers use to describe the play.

In order to fully appreciate the brilliance of this post, you must understand how my mind works.  So please, join me in the gutter and enjoy my Top Ten Homo-Erotic Real Hockey Calls:

#10 – “rub him out”
#9 – “he can’t get a shot off”
#8 – “hammers him against the boards”
#7 – “he gets tied up in the corner”
#6 – “gives him a little poke”
#5 – “takes a shot then quickly gets himself off”
#4 – “he needs to get it up to put it in”
#3 – “he slips it in between the goalie’s legs”
#2 – “the team is a little loose in the back end”
#1 – “he takes a hard one from behind”

Ah, Hockey – where men are men…who like to hammer, tie up and take it from other men.

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  1. Goodness, that was hilarious. Thanks for starting my day off with a good laugh. Thanks for visiting Family Volley. I love that you still find time to nap. My mom always tells me I should nap when my kids are. I should listen to her more.
    Hope you have a great week, and a nice Thanksgiving.

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