my one, true, imaginary boyfriend

It all started with a list.

My 5…

A list of those 5 celebrities that you would like to…uhm…have a chat with (if that conversation consisted of  “Oh yeah, Big Daddy…just like that…”), and your significant other can’t say a thing about it.

Wilzie’s list is always changing – there is no Friends-type laminating in this relationship – it changes with his mood and the hotness of the actress in a particular role (ie:  Summer Glau in Terminator: the Sarah Conner Chronicles = on his list.  Summer Glau in Firefly = definitely not on his list).  Watching TV or a movie with Wilzie is often punctuated with him shouting, “She’s on my list!”, like he’s calling ‘dibs’.

My list is more refined.  With the exception of 2 noteable additions, my list has been almost the same since its creation.  What can I say?  I know what I like, and this is what I like:

#5 – Derek Jeter > On our first trip to Yankee Stadium, we sat field level at the first base foul pole; chosen for its ideal views of Jeter’s ass.

#4 – Ryan Reynolds > preferably from Blade Trinity, in full-on bearded sexiness

#3 – Jon Hamm > mysterious, funny and seriously sexy

#2 – Christina Hendricks > oh yeah, in a heartbeat

#1 – Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is not only #1 on my list – he is my one, true imaginary boyfriend. I *heart* him.  I love him like I love chocolate – in that the mere thought of him makes me giddy (and not at all that I want to run my tongue all over him before gobbling him all up…pervs).

I never saw Firefly in its original run, so I first took notice of Nathan Fillion (who shall heretofore be referred to as My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion) when he played an evil-fueled-minion-of-the-First priest on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Then the Sci-Fi channel ran a marathon of Firefly – I sat in front of the TV all day and watched the space cowboy adventures of Mal and his crew.  Wilzie got home from work to find no dinner on the table and me swooning on the sofa; so we ordered pizza, he squeezed in next to me, and got hooked too, on Kaylee (“She’s on my List!”).

Firefly sparked my obsession, but it wasn’t yet at the level it is now; I would just let out a little “squee!” when I saw My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion pop up as the kindly husband/boyfriend type on my shows like Lost or Desperate Housewives and movies like Waitress, but it made me sad because I knew he could do so much better.

Then came Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – granted, this web trilogy was built for me to love:  Joss Whedon bringing together Neil Patrick Harris as a sweetly-dorky evil genius and My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion as a smarmy superhero, and then making them sing!  Awesome!  As wonderful as NPH was in Dr. Horrible, it was My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion that really made it shine.  From the smallest hair flick to his facial expressions when he is in the background of a scene – everything was perfect in its utter douchery.

Captain Hammer was the tipping point in my love for My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion.  How I wanted him to take me back to the Command Centre and show me the Ham-Jam and then we can do, you know, the weird stuff

And if you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog…what the hell is wrong with you???

Then came Castle.  I can admit – its not a great show but My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion is great in it.  As a bonus, Wilzie thinks the lead chick is hot too (“She’s on my list!”), so he doesn’t complain too loudly when I make him watch numerous repeats.  I even bought the cheesy novel that “Richard Castle” wrote just so I could imagine My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion in it.

Then I reached a new low high and started stalking following My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion on Twitter.  Even his tweets are charming and witty and self-deprecating and dreamy.   And now I get to follow his every move – I know when he’s in LA and New York, when he visits Vancouver, what movies he likes, what he eats for breakfast, what he thinks about double rainbows, and I am SO READY for the day when he comes home to Edmonton.  You see, My Boyfriend, Nathan Fillion isn’t just Canadian, he is from my home town.  He actually went to high school right down the road from where I currently live.  His Mom still lives here, and he has to come visit sometime!

And when he does, I will be ready – and it’s totally OK because I just plan on having a little chat.

0 thoughts on “my one, true, imaginary boyfriend

    1. but variety is the spice of life! Nathan Fillion may be my boyfriend, but life just wouldn’t be the same without Christina Hendricks in it

  1. Derek Jeter? Ugh. As my husband is a Red Sox fan (and I love any team playing and beating the Yankees), I could never think that Derek Jeter is hot. Even if Brett Favre quit football and took up baseball.

    My #1 is probably John Krasinski from the Office. Tall, funny, sarcastic, romantic.

    1. I love Jeter’s ass, but I have a Red Sox shirt with Veritek’s name on it…
      John Krasinski is dreamy, but he reminds me of a friend’s husband…not cool

  2. Okay, in what show/movie did your boyfriend bare his ass??? Delish.
    Maybe you and your boyfriend Nathan Fillion would like to double date with me and my boyfriend Matthew Morrison? 😉
    P.S. I’m glad to see you also like the busty redheads. 😀

  3. Love Nathan. I actually like Castle. Yes, it’s cheesy, but he’s so funny that he totally makes the show.

    I have to post my list one of these day. I’m like Wilzie though…mine changes. Not very often, but upon discovery of new deliciousness.

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