Running Around in Panties

Last night, Wilzie and I volunteered for the Underwear Affair.  It is a charity run/walk to raise funding & awareness for cancers “below the belt”.  We have volunteered for this event since its first year, and it is always a blast.  Its an event geared toward the young’uns, what with the running in your underwear and the party atmo, but Wilzie and I like to get involved anyway.

As we found with our last event, volunteer appreciation is still on a downward spiral.  In the good, old days, the UA volunteers were included in the after-run party.  We got 2 drink tickets and all the hamburgers we could choke down.  Last year, we were informed that volunteers couldn’t drink, some technicality about not paying an entry, so it would be illegal to “give away” free liquor.  Fortunately, neither Wilzie nor I are above dumpster diving, so we scavenged through the garbage bins for tossed participant envelopes that still contained drink vouchers.  We actually did pretty well, and left the party several free beers later.

Now this year, we were told that in addition to not being able to drink, we had to wait until every last participant had gotten their fill of food and then, and only then, could the volunteers eat…if there was still anything left.  Since our shift started at 2pm and went until the race started at 6, we would have had to wait until approximately 9pm to see if we could possibly beg for leftovers.

But, we were informed, there were snacks in the volunteer room!  Sweet – Goldfish and Hershey Kisses…nutritious and filling!  So we waited until my niece crossed the Finish line and headed home to make our own dinner.  I realize I may sound bitter, but I figure that these events can’t run without all of their volunteers.  I gave up 4 hours on a (rare) sunny and hot Saturday afternoon to be wedged in between tables handing out T-shirts.  The least they could do is provide me something a bit more substantial to eat than Goldfish.

At least there was plenty to keep us occupied…Enjoy:

One of the “staff” –
I asked to borrow his abs to wash something
Baywatch Dudes
My favourite “costume” of the night
My niece, Brittney, on the right
My other niece, Kayla.  
I had to coax her to take off her tank for this pic – she put it immediately back on
Winner of the Best Female Costume
Winer of the Best Male Costume – 
probably due to the fact he kept “falling out”
Sometime simplicity is best

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